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Grace Digital Mondo+ Wireless Smart Speaker Comes With Chromecast

This new device comes with a large number of features, which makes it very attractive. Another great thing about the new Grace Digital Mondo+ is that it comes with a useful 3.5-inch screen.

It is said that approximately 5 years ago, the internet music has lost all its power and success. People who used the Logitech Squeezebox probably know it better.

It was the day when Logitech’s successful speakers lost their war with Sonos. Unfortunately, Logitech’s speaker line was closed down, which was a huge disappointment for its fans.

Grace Digital Mondo+ specs and price review

Starting then, the company had to move to other niche markets, for example to build Bluetooth speakers and other Wi-Fi accessories.

These days, the market is dominated by Sonos’ products and other huge competitors, like Bose and JBL. But, a surprising release was made this week. We are talking about the new Grace Digital Mondo+.

Grace Digital One is a California company that seems to want to resurrect one of the Logitech’s Squeezebox devices. We are talking about the new Mondo+. This new device is very similar with the one Logitech had 5 years ago.

We must say that this device comes with some great features and a very affordable price. Let’s see what is new at this device. Will, first of all, Grace Digital One’s model comes with Internet Radio and DLNA playback.

Moreover, customers will receive both Chromecast and Bluetooth features. These are very important features and probably the main attraction for customers.

Without a doubt that most people are familiar with the Bluetooth feature. But, what about the Chromecast feature? Well, here is the most interesting part.

 It seems that the new Grace Digital Mondo+ comes with this built-in feature that will offer users the ability to stream music from the smartphone or other devices that have streaming services.

The streaming process will be made via Wi-Fi. We must say that the Chromecast feature is the single feature that has the ability to offer the strongest competition to Sonos devices.

Compared with Logitech’s Squeezebox, we must say that the new Grace Digital Mondo+ comes with a larger design. But, customers should know that the basics between these two devices are the same. The new Grace Digital Mondo+ comes with an LC screen that measures 3.5 inches.

This display is surrounded by shortcut buttons and a rubberized knob. The body is made out of a glossy plastic, just like the one that we saw on the Squeezebox.

 Customers should know that the easiest way to control this device is using Chromecast built-in. So, they just have to tap the Chromecast button into their compatible apps and start listening to some music.

Customers should know that the new Grace Digital Mondo+ also comes with a free app. We are talking about the Grace Digital app. Moreover, customers who will want to take this new device on the road, should know that the company offers a battery pack, which costs 40 dollars extra.
Grace Digital Mondo+ Wireless Smart Speaker Comes With Chromecast Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 4:42 PM Rating: 5
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