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Huawei MateBook E Promises Lots of Power

Huawei’s new detachable-hybrid comes with a thin and light design. Moreover, the new MateBook E
offers a responsive and crisp touchscreen.

As we know, detachable-hybrids have a tough mission on the market. These devices have to deliver a
performance that can be compared with the one found on a traditional laptop. Moreover, the manufacturers have to pack all these powerful components inside a very thin and light body.

But, to achieve these performances, we must say that there are a few compromises required. Customers will be able to buy the new Huawei MateBook E at the price of 799 dollars US. Customers should know that the tablet alone has a very thin and light body. Moreover, it offers an incredible display, which makes images look brighter and lighter.

But, as we mentioned, the new Huawei MateBook E also comes with a few compromises. We are talking about a decent battery life, and not so great performance results.

Another minus is that its keyboard cover is kind of heavy, which means that it will make the tablet heavier when it is attached. But, as a tablet, customers should know that Huawei’s new product is a tough rival for other high- end tablets, including Apple’s two iPad Pro models.

We are talking about a 12-inch display, and a body that measures 0.26 x 7.5 x 11 inches. Moreover, this tablet weighs approximately 1.40 pounds.

As we know, Apple’s iPad Pro model comes with a 12.9-inch screen and weighs 1.48 pounds. The new Huawei MateBook E also comes with a good-looking thin black bezel and a body that features a gray finish.

Customers will find the company’s logo situated on the front alongside with a front-facing webcam. On the back of the tablet it seems that Huawei didn’t add anything. But, customers should know that they will be able to order this new device in a gold black color and a white bezel.

The camera makes blurry 5MP photos. However, this camera is good enough for video calls due to the 1080p video resolution. Another important thing to add is that this device doesn’t come with physical buttons on its front surface.

This means that customers won’t have a physical home button like the ones they could find on the iPad models. To be added that even the Start key is missing here. The only physical buttons that users will find are the volume rocker and the power button. Customers will also find a useful indicator LED that is tied with the device’s single USB-C port.

Customers will also receive a headphone jack and dock connector for the keyboard case. Moreover, the new Huawei MateBook E comes with an adapter with VGA, HDMI, and a USB-C port, which customers will find it very useful.

As we know, on the Apple tablet, customers will have to buy this adapter separately at the price of 49 dollars.

The main model is available at the price of 999 US dollars. At this price, customers will receive 8GB of memory and a 256GB solid state drive.
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