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JBL E45BT Headphones Review - Boosted Bass Response

JBL is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to headphones. This company managed to build some of the best headphone models on the market.

These days, the company presented a new model. We are talking about the new E45BT. This version comes with a powerful bass and crisp highs.

We must that this company has released a high number of Bluetooth headphones. But, we are sure that nobody will accuse JBL for releasing so many Bluetooth versions. Moreover, the company’s various models have a price range of 300 dollars.

But, the new E45BT is a little bit different. Customers will be able to buy this new model at the price of 99 dollars. We must say that this is a really great bargain, especially if we mention that this model has an amazing bass-forward sound signature.

JBL E45BT headphone model 2017 with boosted bass response

There aren’t so many things to complain about at the new JBL E45BT. People who will find something to say about this model are probably those who are after an accurate sound signature. Otherwise, we must say that JBL’s newest headphones are perfect at their price range.

Buying a model that is under the 100 dollars price tag and offers such a great sound and a comfortable fit is a pretty good deal. Moving to the design, we must say that customers will be able to buy these headphones in several colors. We are talking about red, blue, matte black, white, or teal themes.

Customers should know that JBL E45BT comes with incredibly comfortable earpads and a cloth-lined headband.

The grilles are hiding the 40mm driver in each earcup. To be added that these earcups also come with L and R symbols.

The outer panel on the right earcups come with Bluetooth pairing buttons, the power switch, plus/minus buttons that operate volume levels and a multifunction button that controls call management and playback.

To be added that the volume controls also double as track navigation depending on how long customers will hold the buttons.

We must say that it isn’t such a great idea to double the buttons with other functions. These kind of features will end up misleading users when they want to turn the volume up and they will skip the track by mistake.

Customers should also know that the panel comes with connection for a pinhole microphone and the included headphone cable. So, yes, the company also includes a free headphone cable inside the box. This cable is covered in cloth and it comes with an inline microphone and a remote control switch. This remote is made out of a single-button.

When customers will connect the cable they will automatically turn off the Bluetooth connection, which means that it will start saving battery life.

The on-ear mic comes with a decent intelligibility. So, customers will be able to talk on the phone while wearing the new JBL E45BT. Moving to the performance, customers should know that this new model delivers a strong low frequency thump. So, yes, people will receive a huge bass response.
JBL E45BT Headphones Review - Boosted Bass Response Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 2:09 AM Rating: 5
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