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Nokia has Released a New Phone - The Nokia 6

Today, we are talking about the new Nokia 6. This new device comes with a great metal body that offers a solid built.

It seems that Nokia began releasing new phones. As we know, earlier this year, the famous manufacturer released other new devices, like the Nokia 3 and 5. These days, Nokia unveiled a new
phone, called the 6.

As we see on the paper, we must say that this device is the star of this long path of releases. Customers will be able to buy Nokia 6 at the price of 180 US dollars. This is a really affordable price, but customers should know that this device comes with Amazon’s ads placed on the lockscreen. Customers who don’t like Amazon ads placed on their device will probably skip this offer.

But, we must say that this device is really affordable and it has some interesting specs under the hood.

First of all, customers should know that Nokia used premium metals in order to build this phone. The result? Well, the new Nokia 6 looks pretty slick and offers a premium feel and look. Customers will probably ask themselves if this device uses such premium materials, how come it is so affordable.

Unfortunately, the new Nokia 6 comes with a processor and a display that keeps the price down. So, with such a low-end processor, customers will probably experience a few lags, but it isn’t such a huge problem for everyday use.

However, customers who are looking for a powerful phone will probably not buy the new Nokia 6. Instead, for customers who are looking for a good-looking phone that has the power to handle customers’ everyday apps and doesn’t cost so much, we must say that the new Nokia 6 is the best phone.

So, as we mentioned, the all-metal design is the main attraction at this phone. This device comes with sharp edges, which will probably make the phone feel a little bit uncomfortable to hold. Another minus that customers will notice is the lack of the USB-C charging. This phone comes with an older micro-USB standard.

However, lacking the USB-C charging port is not a huge deal breaker, given the low price that it has. But, we don’t know why Nokia didn’t add this port, especially because most phones launched now are coming with an USB-C port.

Customers should know that the new Nokia 6 doesn’t come with a waterproof feature either. This means that customers will have to be careful around the pool. Furthermore, this device features a 5.5-ich screen that has a resolution of 1.920 x 1.080 pixels. This is without a doubt a lower resolution compared with what customers will find on the Galaxy S8.

Under the hood, this device is powered by an octa-core processor that isn’t so powerful. Customers should know that this processor isn’t recommended for multitasking or playing demanding games. Unfortunately, some apps can be a bit sluggish to open, which can be really frustrating sometimes.
Nokia has Released a New Phone - The Nokia 6 Reviewed by John Colston on 8/17/2017 02:36:00 AM Rating: 5

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