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NuAns Neo Reloaded Comes With a Unique Design

As we know, the smartphone industry has changed over the last couple of years. During these years,
companies have learned what customers need and what they want to see on a phone.

Without a doubt that the smartphones’ design plays a huge rule when buying a new device. But, no company has went so far as this company named NuAns. We are amazed what this company was able to do and what an incredible design it managed to make.

Without a doubt that the new Neo Reloaded is the ultimate fashion accessory. This device is the company’s latest attempt to enter the smartphone market and persuade customers to buy its product. But, is the new NuAns Neo Reloaded any good? Let’s find out.

As we know, NuAns is a Japanese company that entered this field not so long ago. But, we appreciate this company for its originality and invention. NuAns decided to reinvent the smartphone design and it seems that its attempt is not sorted to failure.

The previous Neo model came with a large number of interchangeable customizable backs that changed the look of the smartphone very easily. But, what was the worst thing about that phone? It ran Windows 10.

This means that no matter how attractive this phone was, customers will definitely not be satisfied to have a device that runs Windows 10. This means that the NuAns Neo was doomed to fail, just like many other Windows 10 Mobile devices that were on the market.

But, this year, the company comes with a new model. We are talking about the new Neo Reloaded. This is more like an upgrade to the previous Neo device. The good thing about this device? The company decided to switch the operating system from Windows 10 to Android Nougat.

This means that the new NuAns Neo Reloaded is a more usable and attractive smartphone. Moreover, this device comes with the same design as the previous model. So, we have a great good-looking smartphone that runs Android Nougat. This is the winning recipe and NuAns knows it.

The new NuAns Neo Reloaded comes with a 5.2-inch screen that features a 1080p display. Moreover, this device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, accompanied by 3GB of RAM. As for storage, the company added 32GB of storage and a microSD card slot. This means that customers will be able to add some extra storage if they want.

As for battery, this phone comes with a 3.540mAH battery, which offers a decent battery life. Other important ports to notice at this phone are the USB-C port that can be used for charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

On the back of the device, customers will find a 13-megapixel rear camera that makes decent photos. On the front of the device, the company added an 8-megapixel front-facing camera that is perfect for selfies and video calls. The company also added customizable “Two-Tone” backplated that are perfect for changing the design of the phone.
NuAns Neo Reloaded Comes With a Unique Design Reviewed by Unknown on 8/18/2017 03:56:00 AM Rating: 5

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