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Polar M430 Comes With Built-in Optical Heart Rate Monitor

Polar comes with a new fitness tracker for runners. This device is called the M430 and has a GPS feature which is very useful for athletes.

Customers will be able to buy the new Polar M430 at the price of 229 US dollars. This new tracker is approximately similar with the previous model, called the M400. When we say similar, we are referring to the design and functionality. But, customers should know that the new Polar M430 also comes with a few interesting improvements.

So, first of all, customers will no longer need a separate chest strap to measure heart rate. This means that the new Polar M430 comes with six proprietary optical heart rate sensors. Another great thing about this new fitness tracker is that it comes with improved indoor tracking capabilities. This means that treadmill runners will be able to record their workout without any worries.

 But, just like the previous device, customers should know that the new M430 is an excellent option for serious runners. Unfortunately, the new price is not for everyone. If we put the new Polar M430 and the previous device side by side, customers won’t be able to notice some important differences  between them. This means that both devices come with monochrome screens, and also feature the same button placement.

Other similar features are tracking steps, daily activities, sleep, and calories. But, as we mentioned earlier, the most notable difference is the ring of six LED optical heart rate sensors placed under the screen of the device. As we know, with the previous model, customers had to pair the device with a compatible HRM, for example the Polar H10 chest strap, in purpose to track their heart rate.

Well, the good thing about the new Polar M430 is that customers are not forced anymore to use this chest strap. However, customers who already have a chest strap will be able to pair it to the M430 as well. But, as we said, the new Polar M430 comes with a built-in heart rate monitor sensor.

Another interesting thing to know is that the new Polar M430 uses the same button controls as the previous device. Customers will find two buttons placed on the left side and three buttons placed on the right. If they press the button on the top left, they will illuminate the watch’s face. Moreover, the button placed on the left reacts as a back button and when held will sync the watch with a smartphone.

Customers should know that the strap found on this new device isn’t interchangeable. This means that customers will have to make peace with the color they choose to buy. To be added that the new Polar M430 is available in different colors, for example orange, dark gray, and white.

In the end, we must say that there are other interesting options on the new Polar M430 to make use of. We are talking about a built-in accelerometer, which means that customers will be able to track distance, pace, and cadence for indoor runs.
Polar M430 Comes With Built-in Optical Heart Rate Monitor Reviewed by Unknown on 8/31/2017 02:20:00 AM Rating: 5

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