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Spark is Focal’s new Affordable Earphones

Focal’s new earphones come with a powerful bass response and lightweight design. Another great thing about these earphones is that they never distort.

As we know, the French audio brand is known as a company that makes very expensive earphones. For example, the Utopia model is available at the price of 4.000 dollars. But, it seems that Focal is trying now to make a more affordable lineup of earphones.

These days, the French audio manufacturer has released a new model called Spark. Customers will be able to buy this model at the price of 69 US dollars. We must say that this version is more like an opposite end of the company’s pricing spectrum. But, the great thing about the Spark model is that it offers a surprising bass-forward audio experience. Moreover, it has an accurate approach and a balanced sound.

The design is great, as well. Customers will be able to buy the new Focal Spark in silver-and- white, blue and black colors. To be added that the look is clean and simple, which makes the model simpler. The earpieces are made out of metallic outer panels. Inside the earpieces, the company added electrodynamic 9.5mm mylar drivers.

Moreover, we must say that the earphones come with an inline remote control and a microphone compartment. The microphone is placed on the left ear’s cable. To be added that the remote control comes with three-buttons.

The central button of the remote can be used for call management, playback, and track management. All these functions will be activated depending on how many times users will tap on the button. The other two buttons can be used for volume up and down controls.

The company added a cable that will go around users’ mid-torso and will finish in a 3.5mm connection. The pinhole mic is situated on the opposite side of the remote control compartment. The great thing about this mic is that it offers an incredible intelligibility.

Inside the box, customers will find three pairs of silicone eartips. We are talking about small, medium, and large sizes of eartips. So, customers should know that the new Focal Spark is very lightweight and it offers a secure fit.

Moving to the performance, we must say that these earphones offer an incredible and intense sub-bass content. Moreover, the low frequency response is great as well. Customers will be able to listen all kind of music genres, for example tracks with full-bass or tracks with high-mids, without experiencing any distortion. Moreover, the 69 dollars price tag is incredible and everyone will be able to buy these new earphones.

So, in conclusion, we must say that Focal did it again. This company managed to leave its 4.000 dollars price models and release something more affordable and powerful. Of course, there are many other competitors on the market, for example the 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones, or Klipsch Reference X6i, but we think that the new Spark model will get its place on the market and prove that it is an incredible and powerful earphone model.
Spark is Focal’s new Affordable Earphones Reviewed by John Colston on 3:59 PM Rating: 5
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