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The new Huawei Honor 6A comes with a great performance

Huawei’s new device comes at a really affordable price and with a great performance. Another great thing about this device is that it comes with a long lasting battery life.

Huawei Honor 6A specs and price review

Customers who have a really small budget should definitely go for the new Huawei Honor 6A. This new phone has a low price and has the mission to replace the previous Honor 5C.

But, we must mention that this is not as powerful as the previous model, but it offers an incredible experience.

Customers will be able to buy the new Huawei Honor 6A at the price of 195 dollars. This means that this device costs the same as the previous model.

At this price range, we must say that Huawei’s device also has a few powerful competitors on the market. We are talking about the Moto E4 Plus and Samsung’s J series.

So, why should customers choose Huawei’s device instead of these great competitors?

Well, first of all, we must say that the new Huawei Honor 6A comes with a metal body, which is a rarity among low price devices.

We must say that this device feels great and fits perfectly in the palm. Another great thing about the new Huawei Honor 6A is that it is really light, weighing 140 grams and measuring 8.2mm thick. This means that this device has a really slim and light body. But, these measurements usually come with compromises.

Huawei Honor 6A review and price analysis

Customers might think that the battery will be smaller. But, this is not true. The company managed to add a really good battery inside this small body. So, customers will find a 3.020mAh cell under the hood. The company claims that this battery will go up to 10 hours of continuous video playback.

So, yes, customers will have a battery life that will keep them throughout the day. Since the Honor line is a subsidiary of Huawei, this means that this phone uses the EMUI 5.1 user interface. This interface is used over the newest Android 7.0 Nougat.

We must say that this new software is a great bonus for customers who will be buying this phone. Customers will receive all the newest apps and optical speed levels. But, at this price, customers will also receive a few budget specs. We are talking about the hardware that makes this phone running.

So, the new Huawei Honor 6A uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor and 2GB of RAM. We must say that with these specs, the Honor 6A can’t be compared with the P10 or the Honor 9. Another minus is that customers will receive 16GB of internal storage.

But, the good thing is that it comes with a MicroSD card slot that will allow users to add more storage space. The new Huawei Honor 6A comes with a 5-inch screen that features 1.280 x 720 pixel resolution.

This display is considered to be low compared with these days' standards on the market.
In the end, we must say that there is a 13-megapixel camera situated on the back of the device and it is accompanied by a fast autofocus.
The new Huawei Honor 6A comes with a great performance Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 8:21 AM Rating: 5
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