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Winnergear Has Released The New Hero Earphones

These new earphones are coming with powerful lows and an incredible bass response. Moreover, the
new Winnergear Hero has a sweat-resistant feature, which makes it perfect for athletes.

It’s been a year since customers have decided that cable-free Bluetooth earphones are more attractive and useful than those wired ones. So, manufacturers have started to release model after model. But, we must say that neither of these cable-free models has the power to standout. These days, a new device has been released on the market.

We are talking about the new Winnergear Hero. Customers will be able to buy these earphones at the price of 149 US dollars. Will this be the new model that can standout? Let’s find out.

The first main feature that these earphones have is the sweatproof design. Moreover, the company has declared that these earpieces offer an in-ear stability for a secure fit during workouts and running.

The new Winnergear Hero also comes with an incredible low frequency response. This means that these earpieces are perfect for customers who are in love with deep lows. But, customers who are looking for an accurate sound signature should probably search for something else.

Moving to the design, we must say that the new Winnergear Hero is available only in black. Inside the box, customers will receive the earpieces and a portable charging case. The case also features four full charges and has a flip-top lid. The company also offers a micro USB charging cable that can be connected to the case.

Another great thing about the new Winnergear Hero is that it comes with three pairs of eartips, small, middle, and large, and two pairs of ear hooks. Pairing is an easy process that customers should learn quickly. The most important thing about pairing is that users will have to pair the earpieces individually. This probably sounds complicated for some customers, but it is not.

We are happy to say that manufacturers already found a new way for skipping the individual pairing. For example, the new Winnergear Hero comes with a power button placed on the outside of each earpiece. Once users will push this button, the earpieces will connect to each other automatically.

So, customers will just have to connect the left earpiece via their phone’s Bluetooth menu and they are already listening to music. If users will want to close the earpieces they just have to press down the power button for five seconds. But, customers should know that the power controls are also multifunction buttons.

So, for handling playback, phones calls, and pairing, they will need to press the same button. Moving forward, we must say that the new battery is not so great. The company claims that the battery life can go up to three hours.

We have to say that this is a decent amount of battery life, but not great. This means that the charging case becomes a necessity. Customers should know that this case offers 12 extra total hours of battery life.
Winnergear Has Released The New Hero Earphones Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 8/23/2017 10:05:00 AM Rating: 5

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