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JLab Epic Sport Wireless comes with an attractive design

These new headphones deliver an incredible audio performance and offer a good and comfortable secure in-ear fit. Another great thing about the new JLab Epic Sport Wireless is that is has a sweat-proof design.

Customers will be able to buy the new JLab Epic Sport Wireless at the price of 99 dollars. We must say that this model is a bass-forward Bluetooth earphone and comes with three EQ modes.

These earphones can be worn during workouts at the gym or while running, because they offer a great and secure fit. The sound is not as great as it should be because the highs are boosted dramatically and the mids are low. However, this doesn’t mean that the sound is bad.

JLab Epic Sport Wireless -  Attractive design and great sound quality
Moving to the design, we must say that the new JLab Epic Sport Wireless is a neckband-style model that is available in a single color: black.

Being a neckband-style it means that the earpieces are connected through a wire that pops out from the neckband. The good thing is that the wire can be adjusted and users are able to find the position that fits them best.

The new JLab Epic Sport Wireless also comes with eartips and fins that offer an extra-secure fit. Customers should know that this model comes with five pairs of eartips, and several sizes and materials. Moreover, there are three pairs of fins that will offer a very stable fit.

The company declared that the Bluetooth earphones model is IP66 rated, which means that it is dust and waterproof. Customers should know that on the right earpiece, they will find the inline remote control and microphone.

If customers will double tap the remote, it will automatically call the last person users called. Moreover, there are the plus/minus buttons that can be used for volume or for track navigation if customers will press longer. We must say that this feature will also lead to a few accidents, for example skipping the track while trying to raise the volume.

The new JLab Epic Sport Wireless also comes with a USB charging cable inside the box. This cable will be added on the bottom of the remote control compartment for charging.

Inside the box, customers will also find a cable clip, a small protective case, and a cable cinch for adjusting the cable. Customers should know that they are able to take good phone calls, because the microphone offers a good intelligibility.

However, the most important thing that customers should know is linked to the audio quality. We must say that this new Bluetooth earphones model comes with a solid bass and so-so audio performance.

Those who are into deep bass tracks will probably love this earphones model. Another good thing is that users will be able to adjust the sound through the EQ feature.

By holding the two plus/minus buttons, the earphone will switch from default signature mode in to Balanced mode. Pressing it again it will move to Bass Boost. Unfortunately, the new JLab Epic Sport Wireless doesn’t come with any LED to notify users about its status.
JLab Epic Sport Wireless comes with an attractive design Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 1/23/2018 09:44:00 AM Rating: 5

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