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Tech Releases of The Month - Q3/Q4 2018

In the last quarter of 2018 we saw some awesome new gadgets releases. Giants like Samsung, Apple, Amazon held major events making the announcement of new consumer electronics products.  And it is not over yet.

In the following lines I will cover the most anticipated and waited gadgets and tech of Q3 and Q4 of 2018

The Apple iPhone XS and XR

Nothing has a bigger impact on the technology side than an Apple product launch event, especially when it comes to their iPhone. This year, in September, we saw a new iPhone release, the iPhone XS and XS Max. Later in October we should expect another launch in the form of the iPhone XR.

The iPhone XS comes as an upgrade to the iPhone X, while the XS Max comes as an entire new product. The XS Max settles two new records for Apple: it comes with a 6.5 inch display making it the largest iPhone produced and it's starting price of 1099 USD makes it the most expensive iPhone to this date.  Apple bets are on the XS series though, hopping that it will pay off with more sales and generate more revenue than the X series of the last year.

The Apple Watch 4'th Generation

In the same September 2018 Apple event, the Apple Watch 4 was announced. While the event's main focus was on the iPhone the Apple Watch 4 was the main WOW factor.

The latest smartwatch version comes with an increased display, a new ECG capability making it a reliable health device, and of course more processing power. The Apple Watch 4'th generation quicly sold out after the launch despite the fact that it is more expensive than the previous generation, by about 70 USD.

Nvidia RTX 2080 series

Nvidia just launched it's new graphics cards the RTX Series in the form of the RTX2080, RTX2080Ti, RTX2070.

The new GPUs are aimed at PC gamers and it is based on the new Turing Architecture. It brings AI-based assisted graphics and real-time ray-tracing in the gaming world for the first time in history. It is an ambitious new launch as current games do not support real-time ray-tracing and we can't really see it in action, comes with a hefty price but with time the RTX series will show their true value. If you can read more about my thoughts about the RTX 20 series you can read it here.

The Samsung Galaxy S9

Apple's main competitor on the high-end smartphone market, Samsung also launched it's new flagship in Q3 of 2018: the Galaxy S9

The S9 comes with a 6.4-inch display, an awesome camera, 128GB storage, the famous S-Pen stylus and it starts from 999 USD.

The PlayStation Classic

With Nintendo making serious cash with marketing nostalgia for its retro video games and game consoles, Sony could not just stand by and let other profit.

Sony announced on Sept. 19 2018 the PlayStation Classic. It comes with at price of 99 USD. For this price you get two retro controllers, 20 built-in games including classics like Final Fantasy VII. The console is available for preorder at this date and shipping starts from the 3'rd of December 2018.

Google Pixel 3

Thought that only Samsung with it's S9 can compete with Apple? Enter Google with it's Pixel 3.

The Pixel 3 is set to be launched in the 9'th of October 2018, at Google's tech event. Not much leaked information is out there about the Pixel 3 but what we do know is that the Pixel XL is going the same route as the iPhone incorporating a notch in its display. Of course it will run the latest Andorid 9 (code name Pie) and it will get an upgraded camera which makes this phone even better. We just have to wait and see the new goodies Google has prepared for us.

Apple iPad Pro With Face ID

Last but not least,  the iPad Pro With Face ID. Known to be announced later in October, maybe the same time with the launch of the iPhone XR, the new iPad Pro will support Face ID, no Home button, a larger display and a slimmer look.

Not much information is shared, as in the case if the iPhone XR, so we will just have to wait for the launch.

This is it for now guys, there will be many more surprises for us in the near future and things are getting only better. Will be updating this list with more interesting tech so make sure you come by often for more tech goodness. 

Tech Releases of The Month - Q3/Q4 2018 Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 9/29/2018 04:32:00 AM Rating: 5

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