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AMD is testing it's 7nm Navi GPUs

The 7nm Vega GPUs are due to be presented at CES 2019 but AMD is already lab testing their next generation Navi GPUs witch are scheduled to be released mid-2019, according to Fudzilla.

There are not that many details regarding the Navi architecture, but just lots of speculations and rumors. What is not a rumor though is that Navi is still taking aim at the mid-range gaming market, making Navi more of a Polaris successor rather than a Vega successor. This new information is consistent with other rumors mentioning that the main target competition for Navi would be the GTX 1080 from Nvidia.

Another known fact is that AMD is focusing on 7nm designs for their CPUs and GPUs. AMD's CEO Dr. Lisa Su will confirm, at least this is what we expect, the 7nm Ryzen 2 CPUs at CES 2019. AMD said earlier this month:
"In 2019, AMD will catapult computing, gaming, and visualization technologies forward with the world’s first 7nm high-performance CPUs and GPUs, providing the power required to reach technology’s next horizon. During her CES keynote, Dr. Su and guests will provide a view into the diverse applications for new computing technologies ranging from solving some of the world’s toughest challenges to the future of gaming, entertainment and virtual reality with the potential to redefine modern life"

Navi powered graphic cards are expected to hit the market in the second half of 2019. Looking in the future after Navi, AMD will be coming with another 7nm replacement code-named Arcturus. There is not much information about Arcturus and if it will target the mid-range market as well or if it will be a high-end design. These things remain to be seen.

If you thought that things are not confusing enough on the graphics card market, think again. There are allot of refreshes this year, like a polaris refresh from AMD with their polaris 600 series, and even a GTX 1060 refresh from Nvidia (which we'll cover in a future article) as well as new launches, but next year will be more exciting as AMD will hit the market hard with viable options against its main competitor.
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