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Intel Core i9-9900K Packaging Leaked

Did you think that only AMD has cool packaging when it came to their Threadripper high end desktop CPU? Well not anymore. Intel is upping up it's marketing strategy and a current packing of Intel's new upcoming 9'th generation of CPUs has been leaked. Intel took a note from their competitor and this is good news as this particular design is a very nice shift from their usual put a CPU in a blue box and that's it.

The package is semi-transparent and is dodecahedron shaped. Odd choice, because the I9-9900K is an 8 core 16 threads processor, making an hexagon more appropriate but whatever Intel's thought it is an awesome idea. The 9900K is aimed for the mainstream market, mostly the gaming market. We all know that we, as gamers, like a little bling with our rigs, not just raw performance and the marketing team got the message.

The leaked image does not mention that it is really a 9900K but considering the fact that the 9900K is scheduled for launch very soon according to previous leaks, and since it is the first time that Intel offers an 8 core processor to its main stream platform, we can for sure suppose it is about it. With the launch of the I9, a Core I7 CPU (the I7-9700K) will be shipped without HT. Of course, just as the previous generations, they will come with insane clock speeds making these CPUs perfect for gaming.

The I9-9900K is the flagship CPU in the 9'th generation and will feature 8 cores with HT enabled making it a 16 threads part. Although 8 cores is more than enough and sometimes overkill for gaming at least to this date, the interesting thing to see will be a comparison between the I9 and the I7-9700k, and see if the i9 will really matter when it comes to gaming. The Core I9-9900K is supposed to have a turbo-boost of 5GHZ on one/two cores while all cores will be able to turbo at max 4.7GHZ at once. The new generation is built on the 14nm++ process node and prices have been already leaked. We should expect the 9900K to be somewhere around $450.

Bellow are the official specs for the 9'th generation:

What a great time to be alive! AMD is back once more in the game, forcing Intel to better CPUs, not just small improvements like in the past. With AMD focusing on their Radeon GPU's right now since they already launched a new generation of Ryzen CPUs for the mainstream market, it is Intel's turn to flex their muscles.

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