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Apple Cyber Monday 2018: The First Deals on iPhone, MacBook and iPad

If you skipped the Apple deals from Black Friday and waited for Cyber Monday for buying a new Apple device, being it an iPad, iPhone or MacBook you might have a surprise.

According to Apple Store Cyber Monday ad, Apple will be offering gift cards on just regularly priced products and many of the new generation products are excluded, meaning no deals on the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or XR as well as no deals for the Apple Watch 4'th generation. On the bright side though, there will be discounts on the iPad and MacBook series.

So let's take a look on what we expect Apple to offer on this year's Cyber Monday.

Deals on The iPad

The deal offered by Apple on the 2018 iPad is a discount of $100.  This iPad is the powerhouse of the iPad range and it is an excellent tablet for both single use as well as for the entire family. It is also much better than the deal on the iPad Mini 4 and should be avoided as it is already a 3 years old device with old and soon to be unsupported specifications. Here are the deals offered by Apple:

  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro + gift card of up to $100 for $649
  • iPad + gift card of up to $100 for $329
  • iPad Mini 4 + gift card of up to $100 for $399

Deals on the MacBook Series

These are the golden discounts we are looking for. Apple offers great discounts on all MacBook models from current and previous generations including the MacBook Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air. Be sure to check with system specifications when you look on the offers as Apple has renewed their hardware this year. Deals promised by Apple on MacBooks:

  • MacBook Pro + gift card of up to $200 for $1,299
  • MacBook + gift card of up to $200 for $1,299
  • MacBook Air + gift card of up to $200 for $999
  • iMac + gift of up to $200 for $1,099
  • iMac Pro + gift of up to $200 for $4,999

Other Apple Devices

It is a pity that Apple does not offer any discounts for their Apple Watch Series 4 but if you want an Apple Watch you can take a look at the Series 3 though as it is a very solid device and you can get a $50 gift card if you choose to buy one.

Apple TV series are in very short supply this holiday season but you can still get some good discounts if you are looking for this device. Here is what you can expect for an Apple TV device:

  • HomePod + $50 gift card for $349
  • Apple TV 4K + $25 gift card for $179
  • Apple TV + $25 gift card for $149
While everyone says that Apple did not present much interest in this year's Black Friday deals as well as Cyber Monday, there are still solid deals that you can get for your next Apple device. With this being said you should look for the maximum discounts offered by Apple partners as well when you shop as you can have a great surprise and maybe, just maybe you can get something even better that the Apple Store has to offer.
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