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Windows 10 Monitors Your Apps Even If You Disable This Behaviour

Users are complaining on Reddit that the latest Windows 10 built monitors the usage of applications even if the Activity History function is disabled.

Windows 10 seems to keep an activity log for applications even after the deletion of the usage history, making some users ask themselves if Microsoft is storing somehow this kind of unsolicited data.

Although there is a chance that the problem could be a miscommunication between the diagnosis processes of Windows 10, rather than Microsoft's intention to gather user data. It is relatively easy to check if you are affected by this potential issue.

To check, open Settings, access the Privacy option, select Activity History and then make sure that both check buttons from the top of the page are unchecked. You can also press the "Delete Activity History" button if you wish so. Then go to the General section of the Privacy page and follow the link to the Privacy Dashboard. Your browser should open the right page after these steps. speculates that Microsoft does not collect these information through the Activity History function. Instead, they suggest that Microsoft uses the data from the Privacy Dashboard after they were collected by the Windows 10 Diagnosis Tools, data which has more common information.

Microsoft offers two options here: Basic, which offers information about your device, settings and if everything functions properly; and Full which according to Microsoft it sends all the basic diagnostic tools as well as your browsing history, the way you use applications and functions, plus extra information about the health of the device, the device usage and better error reporting. The company gives assurance that these information is used just for maintaining your windows environment more secure, to solve bugs and for a better user experience with Windows 10.

Now we all know that the scandal with Windows 10 is spying on you is not a new one, but Microsoft seems to keep this going and finding better ways to become more intrusive with each build. Of course Windows 10 users don't have much of a choice in the matter, like if you have to use Windows you must take it as it, but let's hope that in future builds when you select a setting to block some functions within Windows it will actually remain blocked. Linux is gaining ground fast though, and in the not so distant future we could have a real viable option for Windows if things go south with Microsoft.

We will talk about some good alternatives for Windows in a future article, some Linux flavors that are really really good options for day by day uses as well as for gaming. Until then keep an eye on your Windows 10 distro and make sure you keep it updated. Some bugs and security patches do actually get done by Microsoft with all the data they collect.

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