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Q System One - The Newest IBM Quantum Computer Unveiled

IBM unveiled at CES 2019 the Q System One, the company's newest quantum computer which everyone says that it is a work of art in both functionality as well as looks. The exterior of the Q System One made entirely in glass was developed by Goppion, a famous company based in Milan, known for their amazing room design of the Mona Lisa expo from The Louvre.

The visual aspect of the System One was envisioned by Map Project Office, an industrial design company that works with Honda and by Universal Design Studio, an interior design and architecture company based in London.

The entire structure of the new quantum computer is placed inside of a 9 meter cube, made entirely from 1cm thick borosilicate glass. The front doors of the Q System One can be open simultaneous, offering access to it's different cooling and control modules masked by a panel behind the main terminal. The cube is also reinforced with a series of independent aluminum and stainless steel frames that ensure structural integrity while reducing vibration and other interference.

The glass lid allows IBM engineers to strictly control the indoor temperature. This is essential for the quantum chip - which must be stored at about 10 millikelvin, a fraction above absolute zero temperature - and for the additional electronics included in the Q System One. Any vibrations or unexpected changes in temperature can cause a work project to become useless.

IBM's new conception should, in theory, reduce the number of errors that occur during experiments and therefore make the system more reliable for the company's researchers and business partners.

Quantum computers have the ability to revolutionize medical development, artificial intelligence, cryptography, financial models and climate simulations, and IBM imagines a world where they operate perfectly with traditional PCs and server farms.

IBM Q System One contains a fourth generation of 20 qubits. This may sound unconvincing as Google announced a 72-qubits car in March last year, but the company's representatives say that quantity does not matter, but quality. IBM wanted to focus on mitigating errors and overall system reliability before increasing its power.

"We focused on the architecture and structure of the quantum chip. We've looked at all the important factors in building a quantum chip that will allow us to expand the system to more qubits and make them work efficiently and with fewer errors." said Bob Sutor, vice president of IBM Q Strategy.

The development of quantum computing is not just awesome but it is also what computers are aimed to look in the future. The age of the current PCs and super computers are starting to reach their limits and, I'm not saying now, but maybe in the next 50 years this limit will be reached making quantum computers their successor.
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