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Google Chrome On Android - How To Maximize Your User Experience - Tips and Tricks

Google Chrome is at this moment the most popular browser in the world on both desktop and mobile platforms. On mobile platforms it is the most popular web browser for Android OS, but even so Chrome holds 56.34% from the market while Safari, the default web browser on iOS, barely reaches 20.87%, with Opera having 3.62% and Firefox being almost non existent, at just 0.34%.

Although Chrome is a very fast and secure browser, the mobile version has a big disadvantage in comparison with the desktop version. On the desktop version of Chrome we have support for tons of browsers extensions, while the mobile version has zero support for them. At this chapter Firefox does a better job, having support for browser extensions on both desktop and mobile variants. If you install an extension on the desktop version of Firefox you have the option to sync everything with the mobile one and all your favorite settings as well as extensions will be there.

But we are not talking about Firefox here (maybe in a future article), let's get back to Chrome and how we can maximize your experience with it.

Getting rid of too many ads - use AdBlock for Android

We know how annoying ads can be sometimes and some sites really abuse with ad-placement. On the desktop version of Chrome is as simple as that to solve the annoying ads problem, you just install AdBlock browser extension and there, done. But with the mobile version of Chrome, things are not as easy as that because the mobile version does not support extensions. What to do then?

Fortunately Google came with a solution. Google integrated an ad-blocker in the Chrome mobile browser and it is enabled by default on all mobile versions of Chrome. Although it is not very efficient as some ads to manage to escape the blocker, at least the spammy ads get blocked. But what if you want to remove all ads? Well you can install another browser that is based on Chromium (the core of Chrome) called Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker. This browser implements a more aggressive adblocker solution, and it can also be customized. The browser is available for iOS as well.

Sync and Cloud solutions

Google services are very well integrated in Android, and moving from PC to phone or tablet is very easy when we talk about Chrome. The mobile version of Google Chrome can sync with your desktop version if you have a Gmail account (and I am sure you do).

On your PC, connect to your Google account and then sync all your browser settings with the cloud. This way all settings, passwords, navigation history, bookmarks etc. will be safely stored on the Google cloud service and the next time you login in your mobile Chrome version everything will be there. You can find even your recent tabs that you access from your PC on your phone and vice-versa. The data once synced with the cloud can be used with any version of Chrome if you login with your Google account.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are more and more common, especially on news sites which will send you a notification whenever something new has been added to your favorite website without using a separate app. Even Facebook benefits from this type of notifications and from Google Chrome you can personalize them. You can select if you want to be notified by LED (if you phone has one), vibrations, sounds or just turn them off completely. Chrome supports Notification Dots which was introduced in Android 8 Oreo.

Accessing hidden settings in Chrome

Like on PC, Google Chrome mobile has a series of hidden settings which can be accessed if you type in the address bar about:flags. We do recommend caution when making changes here as normally the browser works without meddling in these settings without knowing what you are doing. But if you do make changes that you won't find in the normal Settings, you will find what you need in here.

These are few tips and tricks that we use with Chrome on our mobile devices. What do you guys use to maximize your experience with Google Chrome on Android?

Google Chrome On Android - How To Maximize Your User Experience - Tips and Tricks Reviewed by John Colston on 2/20/2019 04:50:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. Good tips, thank you!

  2. I could not install AdBlocker on Chrome for my phone... How can I do it? I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 7

    1. Hey,
      You cannot install browser extensions on Chrome for your mobile phone... You have to rely on Google's adblock implementation, or use an alternative like Brave Browser


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