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QNAP Systems Launches a New RAID Extension Unit With Four HDD Bays

QNAP Systems Launches a New RAID Extension Unit With Four HDD Bays

QNAP Systems recently launched a new RAID extension unit called the TR-004. The TR-004 comes with four hard-drive bays and can be attached to a desktop or to a NAS server through USB 3.0 Type-C. The RAID extension unit can be used to increase storage space to a NAS server and it can also be used as the main RAID storage device for a desktop PC or NAS.

The TR-004 is very flexible for users and offers a very convenient way to share files between different platforms, acting as a great and intuitive storage solution with high efficiency. QNAP's storage unit offers support for stand alone storage configuration JBOD, as well as support for RAID 0,1,5,10. QNAP NAS users can use the TR-004 together with a current NAS server, including setting up RAID parameters and creating new storage volumes via the "Storage and Snapshots" app over the QTS operating system.

Alternatively the TR-004 can be used as an external storage device for the NAS server. The TR-004 can be used, as well with personal computers for easy file sharing having support for the exFAT file system. Desktops that have limited storage extension options can use the TR-004 as a storage extension as well, and a specialized utility program called QNAP External RAID Manager (comes in both Windows and macOS version) can help users manage the disks from the RAID array, change the RAID array type and configuration, as well as check logs and manage firmware updates for the unit.

Jason Hsu, product manager at QNAP, stated:

The TR-004 is a new option for extending NAS servers and DAS, in a single device being available in two domains. With current QNAP NAS users can add extra storage space on their current server with the TR-004, PC users can extend their current desktop device with the unit, and maybe later they will buy a NAS server and keep using the TR-004 with the new server increasing cost efficiency to the maximum.

A DIP switch located on the back of the unit can automatically update disk configuration on the device. There are status LEDs for each state, a button for creating backup copies, and an Eject button for easy removal of the HDDs from the bays. When the host device, being it either a NAS server or a desktop PC goes into sleep mode, the TR-004 will also enter sleep mode maximizing energy savings.

The TR-004 is already available for purchase on as well as on major retail shops. But for more information go ahead and visit their website to see all the available options and if the TR-004 RAID extension unit is the right thing for your storage solution.
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