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Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Here - Official Lauch At Samsung Unpacked

After months and months of rumors and teasing, Samsung has finally presented and launched the new Galaxy S10 mobile phone series. The launch presentation took place during the Samsung Unpacked event.

During the Samsung Unpacked event, Samsung presented their first pliable phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and also a number of new series of products and phone accessories like new headphones for the Galaxy S10 and smart watches.

In the past Samsung limited their product launches to just two high-end mobile phones, but allot has changed this year to keep up with their main competitor, Apple. Therefor Samsung launched 3 Galaxy S10 smartphones: the S10e, dedicated for low budget users, the S10 and S10+ for more pocket generous users.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e has the smallest screen size of the three, a 5.8 inch one with 1080x2280 resolution, while the S10 and S10+ come with a 6.1 inch, 6.4 inch respectively. Both S10 and S10+ support 1440x3040 screen resolution. Samsung planes to launch another S10+ model later this year with 5G connectivity, and a bigger screen of 6.7 inch.

All three models come with a new and improved AMOLED touch screen, the "Infinity-O" as Samsung calls it, which produces 1200 nits and 42% less blue light. Another advantage of these new type of screens is that they allow integration of a new type of fingerprint sensor based on ultrasounds.

Hardware wise the entire Galaxy S10 series uses the Snapdragon 855 chipset. The S10e will come in two fixed flavors with 6GB of RAM and 8GB of RAM, while the other two will come with a minimum of 8GB of RAM, and can reach up to 12GB of RAM for the S10+. All three phones feature MicroSD expansion slots, which is a welcomed feature to see on high-end mobile phones.

Battery capacity is different for the new S10 lineup though. The Galaxy S10e features 3100mAh battery, the S10 3400mAh and the S10+ comes with a 4100mAh battery. All of the phones benefit from wireless charging.

As for the cameras, the Galaxy S10 and S10 + will come equipped with three lenses: a 12MP main one, a 12MP camera and a 16MP ultra-wide 123-degree lens. The cheaper model, the S10e will have a configuration with only two main chambers. All three models will have a self-contained camera in the display on the front of the phone. The phones will have 4K video recording capabilities as well as HDR10 + support.

The Galaxy S10 series phones will be available on the market from March 8. The S10e is expected to cost $749, the S10 will be priced at $899 and S10 + at $999.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Here - Official Lauch At Samsung Unpacked Reviewed by John Colston on 2/21/2019 06:18:00 AM Rating: 5

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  1. Interesting launch, too bad they are so expensive


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