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Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Can Now Be Tested On Your Mobile Device

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Can Now Be Tested On Your Mobile Device

Last October, Facebook said it would launch Dark Mode for Messenger soon. But it has been more than four months since the announcement and Facebook has not yet launched this much-anticipated feature for their users. Well, even if the social media giant has not officially activated this feature for everyone, there is a solution that allows you to easily activate it.

Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger can be activated by sending an emoji with the moon (this icon: 🌙) in a chat. As soon as you send this emoji you will see a pop-up message at the top saying "You Found Dark Mode!". Below is a button with the "Turn on in Settings" option.

Pressing this button will bring you to the Settings menu in Facebook Messenger. There you will see a new option called "Dark Mode". It will have a switch button right next to it, which if you press it will activate Dark Mode.

After you start Dark Mode, Facebook will display a message that says it is still working on this feature so you will not see Dark Mode everywhere in Messenger. Errors may also occur in some places.

It is currently unclear whether this method works in all countries and platforms, but we have tested it and can confirm that at least on our phones this feature can be enabled. Also, Reddit users in the Philippines, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia have announced that it has reach them as well. Moreover, it has also worked on Android Android smartphones in both Android and iOS, so we can say quite sure this is a widespread way and will be officially launched sooner or later.

You can find more about the development of Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger by following the discussion on this Reddit thread:
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