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4 Tips & Tricks On How to Pick The Right Books For Your Kid

Best books for kids and toddlers
At one point, the first children's books appear in the playground corner. But how should they be? Is it appropriate to take thick or thin books with long stories or short poems? With or without drawings?

Of course, the most beautiful and suitable children's books are the illustrated ones. Illustrated books for children develop the child's imagination very well, they are more attractive and interesting.

The future love for reading depends on what the first children's books will look like. Therefore, the first books process must be approached with the utmost seriousness and responsibility.

Despite the abundance of books, purchasing them for those who have recently become parents may not be that simple. To choose the most suitable books for our children we will take into account the following tips:

How to pick the right books for your kid?

  1. The first books must be solid and durable. It's no secret that little ones try everything not only by touch, but also by taste, and books will not be an exception

  2. Pay special attention to the illustrations. For a child, an image is the main channel for perceiving information, so the illustrations should accurately reflect the events in the book. The basic rule is that the younger the child is, the more illustrations should be in the book, so the interest in that book will be increased. Pay attention to the colors used in the illustrations, it is better to abandon bright colors in favor of cool ones - a variety of shades develop the child's perception of color;

  3. Size. Thick and expensive editions are not the best choice for children. Books for young children should be small and light - the child simply cannot handle a book that is too heavy. Therefore, for the little ones, it is worth buying a lot of relatively thin books to place so that they are constantly in the child's field of vision. These books are good to read before bed, in a relaxed atmosphere, sitting comfortably with the kid. A medium format (preferably the size of an A4 sheet), with readable letters of the right size and large and beautiful illustrations would be the best choice;

  4. One story or maximum 3-4. Parents love book collections - their undoubted advantage is that in a book you can find many stories at once. Buying book collections is profitable, because instead of several books you can only take one. However, for young children, it is better to buy books in which there is only one story or a maximum of 3-4, so that it is easier for the child to use the book and read it without getting bored.
As you can see, choosing the first books for a kid is not that difficult. We wish you success in finding easy books with beautiful illustrations for your child to love and read every day.

Author: Mike Beasley was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He was a bookseller before shifting to children’s publishing  books and book reviewer for .

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