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New iOS 15 bug thinks your phone storage is full

iOS 15 bug thinks your phone is full, when it isn't
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In the last few days since iOS 15 was released users have been reporting an error message that keeps showing up saying "Storage Full" even the fact that their iOS device is loaded with free storage.

Other users are also experiencing iCloud Photos issues, with photos not uploading along with non-responsive widgets.

The major iOS update typically has bugs that are beyond the public beta phase like iOS 14.2 missing all notifications received or iCloud sync issues in iOS 13.

  The iPhone 13 series on the close of being shipped to users and consumers, it shouldn't come as surprising to will see the iOS 15.01 release in the near future and hopefully will provide some fixes to the problems.

When is the earliest date for iOS 15.01 arrive?

iOS 15.1 is now accessible for download via the public beta program which also brings back SharePlay. It's a feature that lets you view videos or listen to music with friends.

A .01 update is usually released in the initial two weeks following the release of the main version, which means we could get iOS 15.01 come out within the first week of October.

  Analysis: Older iPhones could be more susceptible to the effects

Many people are waiting for their brand new iPhone that will arrive by September 24 after having already placed an order for a brand iPhone 13 for the first time. iPhone 13 to replace their older device.

I'm among them who have upgraded my iPhone X, released in 2017 up to iPhone 13 Pro in Sierra Blue.

Since I upgraded to iOS 15 I've noticed that my previous iPhone getting extremely sweaty when I switch between applications and the camera app is slower than normal when switching between video and photo modes.

But the most significant problem concerns iCloud Photos. When I edit pictures using my tablet, I typically need to import photos that I've made using my iPhone, however it doesn't want to sync because of the message "Waiting for WiFi". The issue is that it's already connected with the WiFi at home.

  Although there are other options to allow the iPad to access these photos however, there could be a problem when I connect the iPhone 13 Pro and switch to iCloud Photos. I hope it's an issue with the server that Apple will quickly address when it's widely-known.

Via Tech Radar

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