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Best WordPress themes for 2021: free, paid and business

The top WordPress themes for 2021: free, paid and also for business
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We've examined a variety of themes that can be used to build your WordPress website. We've determined which is most suitable for an online store as well as which ones are the best for displaying portfolios or blog or other similar things. Now it's time to concentrate our attention to the most personal subject of all: what are the most effective topics, all the time.

It's impossible for this list to not be colored by personal preferences, but we've done the best we can, and while there are themes we've previously discussed in other articles We thought we'd make the discussion fresh by including some that haven't been discussed previously. Don't miss out on what we consider to be our view of the most popular WordPress themes, at the very least, for 2021...

The best WordPress themes at an eye

1. Astra

A popular theme that offers an incredible array of possibilities to build your perfect website

REASONS to buy
  • +Fast
  • + Highly customizable
  • Excellent e-commerce choices

Astra is a wildly popular WordPress theme. It recently celebrated its one millionth active installation that's no small achievement. It's built to integrate with different web builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy and Gutenberg, and is available as a free and paid-for version but if you're in the market for E-commerce capabilities, you'll need to purchase a premium version.

A few of the features that are sales-friendly exclusive to the professional version are Infinite Scroll which means that your pages load dynamically when a user scrolls through the site, Off-Canvas Sidebar which is a great location to integrate filters and widgets that help your customers find what they wants faster and more efficient, as well as multiple Checkout Optionsthat allow you to customize the layout to meet your and your customers' requirements like two-step checkouts, or checkout without distractions, for instance.

The options for customisation are impressive, and you don't have to work with code. you can change the layout, typography, or even remove the sidebar and title page should you choose to. The best part is that Astra is advertised as a fast-responsive theme, which means it will load quickly to keep users on your site.

Astra offers three plans. The first is Astra Pro that is currently available for just $47 per calendar one year (or 249 per year for one-time payment) and up to $249 per year in the Growth Bundle (or $699 for an annual fee).

2. Authority Pro

A well-designed theme can accommodate a range of requirements

REASONS to buy
  • + Good flexibility and flexibility
  • +Fully open and responsive

Authority Pro is a theme intended for companies and everyone who wishes to increase their online presence. It's built on StudioPress' Genesis Framework which is the tool used by designers to create and customize their themes. It also is compatible together with WordPress' Gutenberg Editor.

Authority Pro is fully responsive right from the start and is able to connect to e-commerce-related plugins. In fact, it's configured to work with WooCommerce. One feature we loved that we haven't seen advertised enough is its compatibility with accessibility options.

It is the Genesis Framework and all other StudioPress themes are included in the purchase of this theme. is available for $360 per year. This price covers support through the year.

3. Divi

Visually creative, versatile tool for creating modern, unique websites

  • + Visual editor
  • Loads of customizable options
  • Easy to make use of

Elegant Themes includes Divi in its all-in-one bundle for only $89 per calendar one year (or $249 for a single purchase). The package also includes Divi Builder, is a WYSIWYG tool that allows users to view your website in the way it appears and then customize it. You can select from templates pages, choose your preferred layout Drag the elements and drag them down, change the fonts, colours and more. It's pretty simple.

Altering elements is accomplished by means of helpful sliders. It's simple. It is possible to apply effects such as sepia on an image and alter its color balance, opacity and further, or even alter blur, all through the theme in the blink of an eye. There are many options that are available in Divi that are useful, such as Shape Dividers as well as 3-D transformation tools, capability to personalize Hover States and many more. All of this helps make Divi seem much more like an artistic software rather than a tool for creating websites. Its advantage is that you can make your website appear modern and stylish, all the while being an absolute blast to utilize.

4. Inspiro

One of the top topics for people who work with images and video

REASONS to buy
  • It is great for displaying visual work
  • Highly customizable

Inspiro is a video-centric application that focuses on and photography. It can be used to create full screen slideshows that include videos that are self-hosted or uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo for example. The theme also has an Gallery Module to allow you to create portfolios for your videos and photos. It's fully responsive, so your website will look stunning on any device you're using it on.

Like you'd imagine, you are able to fully modify every aspect of Inspiro to turn your website into something that is distinctive for you. This is accomplished through Inspiro's Theme Options Panel, and the built-in Page Builder. If you're looking to earn a living off from your work, Inspiro can be used in conjunction with WooCommerce which is among the most popular eCommerce WordPress plugins available.

You can purchase Inspiro for $79 for the year, which comes with one year's worth of upgrades as well as support. If you'd prefer not to purchase for a membership, it's possible to purchase the software for life for $179. This provides an unlimited number of updates as well as support.

5. Ocean WP

A stunning, well-known theme that can help you create stunning blogs

REASONS to buy
  • The theme +Core is available for free
  • Loads of customizable options

OceanWP is a blog theme that claims to be free and in a way it really is. The primary functionality is. It's a wildly well-known WordPress theme that's been downloaded more than 3.6 million times. It's responsive and retina-ready and can be used for more than just blogs. It's expanding its capabilities for e-commerce, for example.

One of the most appealing aspects that is great about OceanWP is the sheer number of Demos that it offers and you can choose the one that you'd like to incorporate into your website in only a couple of steps... however there's a caveat most of them aren't for free. There's one or two demos that are free however, and the majority of them that we've seen are extremely well created, but if looking for an "pro" one, you'll need to pay money.

Prices start at $43 a year for three sites and include 13 premium extensions as well as more than 185 professional demos. If you manage more than three websites and want to upgrade, you can go with Business with six ($87 for the year) and Agency at fifty ($143 for the year). It's also possible to purchase a one-time lifetime cost if your heart isn't in subscriptions that cost $177, $356 and $580, respectively.

What is an WordPress Theme? And How Does it impact ads?

Selecting the best WordPress design for your site is more than selecting a minimal appealing style. If you want to succeed on the internet you must have some more experience. Stephen Marsi, co-founder of Mediavine offers some insights on how to be successful online.

Advertising is always an intricate balance. What is the most profitable way to earn money and provides the best user experience? Do these competing factions get along?

A variety of factors contribute to the answer, such as WordPress themes and frameworks. A large number of websites make use of them to alter appearance and functionality for almost every requirement and can greatly influence the performance of advertisements and performance.

In order to set up themes, developers must purchase or download a template for free. There are many options and pricing plans to choose from for extra features and choices.

There are a few exceptions. WordPress websites require a framework. Basic sites that have one landing page probably don't require the options for customization they provide However, many depend upon the flexibility, and flexibility that they offer. What is this got to have to do with revenue?

For creators of digital content, advertising on the most effective WordPress websites, and still getting a high ranking on search engines that provide important organic traffic, demands the right tools, technologies, and methods - a mix that not all theme frameworks can provide.

It's vital that WordPress frameworks follow Google's current best practices, which include Core Web Vitals, Progressive Web Application (PWA) standards, Lighthouse guidelines and more.

It's crucial for any site to load swiftly and smoothly. Pagespeed isn't the only important aspect, but it's certainly the most important aspect. It's essential to understand the importance of pages that load quickly as well as the drawbacks of certain frameworks.

(ed This also means that selecting the correct WordPress hosting provider is crucial also.)

Solutions like the open sources like the open WordPress themes, Trellis is built using the latest web technologies and optimized for performance and optimization of revenue. The goal of achieving 100 percent perfect scores on both desktops and mobile are available on PageSpeed Insights as well as Lighthouse the software that generates these insights - is integrated into the process of development.

Returning to our initial point; Google and most players believe that user experience is the mainstay of overall development and sustainability of websites. If you're experiencing issues with your website, be it plugins, jittery, changing content advertisements or all of the above it's not a top quality UX. This, in turn, affects your SEO, your website's traffic, and your ability profit from the traffic. All of it is interconnected.

Selecting the most suitable WordPress template framework can be vital for SEO, content and advertising to work together in a way that is productive. This is a framework that is compatible together with WordPress (the most used CMS) and is focused on Google's top methods.

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