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iOS 15.1 Release date, rumors and updates

iOS 15.1 Release date, rumors, updates and all the latest features that will be coming to your iPhone
(Image credit: Apple)

Your iPhone might have just received iOS 15, but already iOS 15.1 is coming soon and is fast moving towards. Although it's only an 0.1 version, this is expected to introduce major improvements and features on your iOS experience.

They include the top SharePlay feature, as well as a variety of camera enhancements and much more.

Here we'll walk you through exactly what we expect from it . We are aware of, thanks to betas. We'll also provide information about the date of release and compatibility with iOS 15.1.

Then, let's cut to the chase.

  • What's the deal? The coming iOS release
  • When will it be released? Soon
  • What is the cost? It's completely free

iOS 15.1 launch date, and compatible

There's no information about the date iOS 15.1 might launch however, 4 betas are accessible, which suggests that the final version will be released soon.

It's possible that Apple might launch the device on October 18 because it's hosting an event on that date, however this isn't expected to be iPhone related, so don't bet on it. A leak reported by Apple Insider meanwhile suggested that it might launch on the 25th of October - however, it appears to be a fake.

To be clear, the majority - however not all - updates for iOS 14 landed around a month after each other and, considering that iOS 15 launched on September 20th, assuming that the updates to this follow the same pattern, we'll likely see iOS 15.1 in the near future.

In terms of compatibility, if your phone is able to run iOS 15 then it can be upgraded to iOS 15.1. In reality all models from iPhone 6S onwards can.

iOS 15.1 features

Due to the numerous betas, we're pretty confident about the features we'll get within iOS 15.1. These features are what we've discovered to date.


iOS 15.1 Release date, rumors, updates and all the latest features that will be coming to your iPhone
(Image credit: TechRadar)

SharePlay was originally scheduled to launch in iOS 15, but it was delayed, and will now be the primary feature in the iOS 15.1 instead.

It lets users stream shows and films and listen to songs using FaceTime calls, keeping the content synced for all users. It is also the option of sharing screens.

This kind of feature would have been perfect in the midst of the pandemic, when most interactions were a distance away however, even today we can see it as beneficial to a large number of people.


iOS 15.1 Release date, rumors, updates and all the latest features that will be coming to your iPhone
(Image credit: Apple)

There's more than just one huge feature included in iOS 15.1 and ProRes appearing too. This feature is only available on those with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max but it's not widely available.

It's a format for video recording, and, while it's not a new format it's the first time that a smartphone can record in this format. It's created to be lossless in appearance (though the format is technically compressible) It's less demanding on your computer's processor than formats such as H.264 and H.265 for editing.

But, ProRes file sizes take up lots of space, so you're only able to record at 30fps in 1080p for phones with only 128GB of memory however, for other phones ProRes can be recorded in 30fps at 4K resolution.

To enable ProRes when you've got iOS 15.1 Simply go over to the Camera section of the main Settings app, and then select ProRes under the Formats option.

Auto Macro toggle

One of the camera features that's to be added is the ability to turn off this Auto Macro mode found on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The phones currently automatically switch to an ultra-wide lens whenever you get near to something, since the lens can be used to power the macro mode. It can focus as close as 2 centimeters away.

In most cases, it's the ideal lens for the job , especially if you're in close proximity but there could be situations when you'd prefer another lens, and when you turn off Auto Macro then you'll have the option.

Audio lossless along with Dolby Atmos with HomePods

iOS 15.1 Release date, rumors, updates and all the latest features that will be coming to your iPhone
A HomePod mini

If used in conjunction when used in conjunction with HomePod 15.1, iOS 15.1 lets you play lossless audio as well as Dolby Atmos using Spatial Audio support through the HomePod or HomePod mini. These features are accessible on different Apple devices, which means they're much overdue.

Covid-19 vaccine records are available are available in the Health and Wallet apps

iOS 15.1 lets users upload their Covid-19 vaccine records to The Health app. After that, you will be able to also add your vaccine record in the Wallet app. It includes the QR code, which can be used by any organization or business which you would like to confirm your vaccination status to.

These features can only be used if you're healthcare provider has accepted and has implemented these features. It appears that at the moment , they're only available to those who use Smart Health Cards. These are currently only used by certain US states and vaccine centers.

An answer to Unlock by using Apple Watch

iOS 15.1 Release date, rumors, updates and all the latest features that will be coming to your iPhone
An Apple Watch 7

In addition to the new features as well as new features, iOS 15.1 also comes with bugs fixes, one of which is an important one that fixes a bug that stops certain users from making use of the Unlock using Apple Watch feature, designed to allow iPhone users wearing masks use Face ID to bypass.

Other bugs fixes

We'd like to think there will be many bugs that need to be fixed in iOS 15.1 too but what they will be remains to be determined.

Via Tech Radar

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