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iPad Air 5 Release Date Update! Price and leaks

iPad Air 5 is coming! iPad Air 5 release date news, price, and leaks
iPad Air 4

Although the Spring Apple Event brought the new iPad Pro 2021 We hope you didn't have to wait for an iPad Air 5, the likelihood of that tablet being a mid-range model were almost nonexistent.

What's the reason we're saying that? It's been that long time since that the iPad Air 4 was released and it's still pretty new for tablets and we shouldn't be expecting to see a brand new model for at the very least six or perhaps as long as 18 months.

The initial three versions of the iPad Air were all sporting an almost identical design, however iPad Air 4 was the first to have a completely different look. iPad Air 4 introduced an overhaul of the design series, transforming it from being just an basic iPad into a 'iPad Pro Lite' model. In 2020, the iPad Air hit the shelves with a contemporary appearance, powerful processing power and a fingerprint scanner that is mounted on the side however, it's not equipped with the options that made it the iPad Pro the top-dog tablet.

What could come with the iPad Air 5 be bringing? A new design upgrade? Enhancements to the screen? An extra camera? We've heard that all these and more could be on the way You can read the full details of all leaks and rumors here. We've also put together our wish list of things would we like the next tablet to appear like.

This includes fixes for some problems with iPad Air 4's bugs as well as some brand new features not available from the current version and a whole lot more.

A leak has revealed a variety of possibilities for iPad Air 5 specs, and even suggested that it may be like iPad Pro 11. iPad Pro 11 (2021). It doesn't appear like we'll receive an OLED display.

Then, let's cut to the chase.

  • What's it? The next generation of Apple's tablet range in the middle
  • What will it cost? It could be about $599/PS579/AU$899
  • When will it be released? It could be late 2021 or 2022.

iPad Air 5 release date and price

iPad Air 5 is coming! iPad Air 5 release date news, price, and leaks
(Image credit: TechRadar)

Apple isn't a regular observer of the annual release schedule with the iPad Air line, but we can reasonably suppose that the launch of a new model will not occur before October 2021. one year after the launch of the iPad Air 4.

It's currently looking like the first time we'll see iPad Air 5, it may be released later than the month of October and one source is suggesting a new model in 2022. So if you're contemplating buying a new tablet today and you're thinking about it, then you should consider the iPad Air 4 is likely to be the most recent model of this series for a long time.

Cost-wise In terms of cost, it's a bit expensive. iPad Air 4 is priced at $599/PS579/AU$899 for an iPad that comes with 64GB storage and prices will increase for larger storage capacity or a connectivity to cellular networks. There are costs for an iPad Air 5 within the same range.

Information and rumors

There's been no news regarding an iPad Air 5 at this point However, one source says that the iPad Air model expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2022 will sport an 10.9-inch OLED display.

This size is identical with that of the iPad Air 4. however the technology used is different because current models are using LCD. The switch to OLED could result in improved colors and contrast as well as other improvements.

But, recent rumors regarding the Apple tablet indicate that OLED doesn't work in the way Apple would have liked, and it appears that the iPad Air 5 appears expected keep using LCD instead. It's based on not two, but just one report.

Another source did not refer to OLED however, they did mention that it was coming to the iPad Air 5 is expected to come with the 10.9-inch screen, and An A15 Bionic chipset (expected to be the first chip within the iPhone 13 range), as well as 5G, a dual-lens camera (with an ultra-wide lens that joins with the main lens) as well as four stereo speakers and a design like that of the iPad Pro 11 (2021) however it's not equipped with Face ID.

What do we would like to see

This is what we'd like to be able to see in the future iPad Air model.

1. Large storage options

iPad Air 5 is coming! iPad Air 5 release date news, price, and leaks
(Image credit: TechRadar)

iPad Air 4 iPad Air 4 comes as a storage option with 2 options. 64GB which isn't likely to suffice for most customers; as well as 256GB which is more expensive.

The majority of tablets come with 128GB storage capacity, which is a good fit for the majority and is compatible when paired with iCloud (or any cloud storage software of preference) for those who need additional storage.

We'd prefer to have an iPad Air 5 come with 128GB of space, and Apple eliminating the 64GB option completely. This could be a good option for iPads that are priced at entry level however it is likely to never be enough for the type of users who are likely to purchase an iPad Air.

2. The improved selfie camera

We had a problem regarding our concerns with iPad Air's self-portrait camera, a 7-megapixel camera, it was not suitable for video calling and taking selfies. It also wasn't ideal for making videos of yourself.

The addition of the 10- or 12-megapixel model could make the camera for selfies more effective. It would be even better if there was the incorporation of iPhone selfie-related technology.

3. There are even more color choices

We were thrilled to be able to Apple provide an iPad Air 4 with various colors. We particularly liked the inclusion of pastel shades.

We'd love to see more of the same features with iPad Air 5. iPad Air 5 along with possibly some fresh color options as well. iPhone 12 and the iPhone XR and iPhone 12 are available in a variety of amazing, vibrant colors, therefore let's use them more!

iPad Air 5 is coming! iPad Air 5 release date news, price, and leaks
(Image credit: Apple)

4. Battery with longer life

It is reported that the iPad Air 4's battery ran about 10 hours of use. It's similar to the battery is offered by the majority iPads. 9-12 hours was the recommended amount for normal use. In the event that you're using it to stream movies while you sleep, or working in cafes from time to time This is perfectly fine.

If you're artist using your iPad for film shoots or businessperson trying to complete an extended flight or a parent who wants to entertain your kids during the long drive and you're struggling with the amount.

We'd like to have the iPad Air 5's battery life increase with the Air 5. longevity, or at the very least have software enhancements that will ensure that the device is running for longer.

5. Better iPad widget handling

This is more of a problem that has to do with iPadOS 14 and Apple's software more as opposed to iPad hardware However, it's an improvement we'd love to see.

One of the most important characteristics in iOS 14 is the ability to build widgets that are based on your apps, and then place these on your home page for simple use. In iPadOS you are able to add the widgets to an auto-playing carousel that appears on the main home' page. This makes it difficult to find them in the event that you've got a large number of apps. This makes them far less effective.

We'd like to have iPadOS 14 upgraded to ensure that users can include widgets on your main menu whenever you'd like, not just in the same place.

6. Bezels with thinner edges

Its iPad Air 4 as well as iPad Pro designs don't sport the massive bezels that are found on the basic iPad as well as the iPad Mini However, there's still a fairly large border that separates both the display and the edges and the edge.

A smaller border around an iPad Air 5 could be an improvement to the appearance that would make the tablet's size more in line with the screen's size. This isn't a huge requirement and is why it's on the last list however, thinner bezels always look better and this is the wish-list at the end of the day.

Via Tech Radar

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