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Best CV job builder services - A great alternative to a free professional resume

Best job builder
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If you're currently on the job hunt for 2021, then it's no longer enough to have a basic resume for you - if you're hoping to make an impression, you'll need your resume to feature an attractive design along with the relevant details.

If you're looking to finish the task with precision and professionalism You shouldn't start Microsoft Word and hack out the same layout using the same font. Instead, go online and make use of one of the most effective resume builders for 2021.

The most effective resume builders alter your resume into an eye-catching, bold document. You may not have to invest any cash. The best resume builders use free templates with a demonstrated results - templates which have helped people find their dream jobs.

There are a lot of options for you if you wish to pay for a few dollars as well. Many of the top resume builders go above and beyond the most affordable alternatives for free if you put some cash.

No matter if you require a no-cost resume builder or a premium option, we've got it covered. We've put together the best paid and free alternatives to help you see all the possibilities choose one, and make sure your next career step taken care of.

Create your first job in a matter of minutes using ZipRecruiter Find candidates who are qualified and make them available to at least 100 job sites in just one click. Begin your trial for four days now and pay as little as $16 per day following this.

Best job builder


A great alternative to a free professional resume

REASONS to buy
  • +Loads of templates
  • +Professional design
  • Free to make use of

It's not a surprise that is where a lot of people begin their search when they are looking to purchase a brand new resume. After all, the name is a good indication of the website's main quality.

In keeping with tradition the website has a lot of amazing templates can be downloaded and the huge success of this website means they've proven effective since a large number of users have employed these templates to gain interviews and even new jobs. have also talked with hundreds of employers and employees to determine what they want in a prospective employee and the templates are based on the data.

The company that owns also has that is among the internet's most popular recruitment sites. This means is a treasure trove of data that can be used to create its CV templates and resume builder. This also means that it's simple to send your CV to once it's completed and you'll be able to submit your resume for jobs quickly. is completely free to use and its templates cover a variety of industries and jobs It's therefore easy to begin. After you've completed the build you can download it onto your PC or laptop. It's not the only resume maker available however, you shouldn't overlook

Best job builder

2. ResumUP

The perfect choice if you're looking for a way to challenge the limits of your resume

REASONS to buy
  • Plus, loads of visual options
  • + Easy to import data
  • +Niche format support

Every hiring manager in the world has read enough resumes to last for a lifetime. Therefore, websites such as ResumUP is a great idea for those who want their resume to stand out the rest of the applicants.

This website does something quite different. It uses a more visually-oriented approach than the majority of resume-building services. This site can be used to design an infographic instead of a traditional CV, or create your resume on an interactive website with graphics.

This is a great way to showcase your innovative method and design expertise. It's is ideal for those who want their resume to be accessible on any device. You can choose the vertical ribbon style or opt for the more traditional layout if you want to see different styles.

You can import your existing information from other social networks such as LinkedIn for quick creation of an effective resume. You can also build ATS as well as JSON resumes that can be accessible to computers or developers. ResumUP can produce cover letters that are in the same format as functional resumes.

It is possible to use ResumUP for no cost if you're willing to design a simple text resume, however you'll need to pay for it for access to more extensive choices in design. Its Winning Resume package costs $6 per month when you pay annually. It permits you to download and use a single resume template. Contrary to that, the Profile Pro option costs $8 per month. It lets you create unlimited resumes with customized URLs and also the capability of using the Career Planner feature on the site as well as skills tracking and social networking capabilities.

Best job builder

3. CakeResume

An intuitive and simple to use resume maker.

REASONS to buy
  • Great interface
  • +Loads of appealing design

CakeResume offers a user-friendly and simple drag-and-drop interface that can help create resumes for those who may not be proficient in using technology.

The interface lets you alter your layout, components and details quickly and CakeResume offers this user-friendly experience with appealing and stunning templates. It is possible to save your resume any time during the process of creating it and use it to check your progress or receiving feedback from other users.

You can download your completed resume in PDF format for no cost, but you're permitted to create one basic resume with the service for free. If you pay $10 per month for the Advanced plan, you are able to make use of more than 20 high-quality resume templates as often as you'd like and also eliminate the CakeResume logo from your final CV. The $15-per-month Pro plan lets you monitor your resume with Google Analytics and share the final product with a customized domain name.

CakeResume is quick, simple to use and offers plenty of beautiful and simple resume templates. However, it's worthwhile if you're prepared to pay for any of its paid alternatives The free version isn't much.

Best job builder


Create a resume and search for an opening on the same site

REASONS to buy
  • +Ties into a large database
  • +Straightforward options is a UK-focused website which offers a resume-creation tool, which is part of its larger set of features for employers, including jobs listings, modules for skills and articles on career advice.

The process of creating your resume after you sign up for your account. The website guides you through a straightforward four-step procedure to build the basic resume. Add your personal details as well as your work experience and qualifications along with a brief personal statement. Once you're done, your resume is available to download in an Word document. It can also be accessible on's larger website, making it easy for employers to read it.

It's possible to download the Reed's Word template and do the entire thing by yourself using it, and your resume and profile are both linked to allow you to add additional experience, qualifications and details, as well as details of your abilities and career goals. It's free, and a welcome upgrade to the popular job site, however, keep in mind that you won't receive advanced templates or design elements on this site.

Best job builder

Best job builder
(Image credit: ResumeGenius)

5. ResumeGenius

More templates and features than many competitors.

  • +Loads of pre-written words
  • Help with other job-hunting issues

A website with the name ResumeGenius needs to improve in order to meet its reputation and this resume builder is a good choice in terms of both quality and features.

ResumeGenius begins the process by using a variety of CV templates. There are a lot of appealing resumes on the market, however they do tend to be typical - you'll find many traditional resumes, but not many graphic-heavy contemporary options.

It is possible to fill out your resume with over 50,000 professionally written bullet points. They are applicable to all fields and allow you to appear professional and professional. It is possible to download your resume in the form of an Word document or as a PDF and the site includes an application for creating a cover letter and tools to help you write thank-you notes, resignation letters as well as recommendations letters.

It doesn't have the extensive options offered by others, but it's still a tool for free that will quickly create professional resumes - and this makes it worthwhile.

Best job builder

6. Novoresume

A machine-powered option for the perfect resume

REASONS to buy
  • AI analysis tools
  • +Decent, free choices
  • The loads are of a high-quality.

Novoresume utilizes a myriad of resume templates that can assist you in finding the ideal job. They're all designed in collaboration with experienced recruiters and they're applicable to a wide range of different careers and sectors.

It is possible to begin with a classic template, or a professional style with a photo or a design that is unique, as well as others that provide simple, modern and professional templates.

The templates can be a good beginning point. Novoresume is aiming to expand by adding additional features. It is possible to use cover letters templates in addition to resume templates. This website has an AI-powered service for analysis that can suggest improvements to your resume after you modify the layout and input your details.

It's a simple and efficient website with simple features, and you can also use the basic tier to build your own resume.

The Premium plan costs $15 per month, and permits you to utilize a wider range of colours and fonts as well as add sections and images on your resume. You can also build more resumes, and use distinct styles and templates. This is all fine, however, this is among the best sites to use if you would like to design a no-cost resume. It's also not very strict.

Best job builder

7. ResumeHelp

It is a good option if you are looking for an impressive resume and don't want to spend a lot of dollars

REASONS to buy
  • +Affordable paid upgrades
  • +Loads pre-written phrases
  • Plus a lot of traditional designs

ResumeHelp is the best tool to build your resume in case you're not comfortable writing English or if it's not your primary language.

This website lets you build a resume that is confident by incorporating pre-written bullet points that highlight your strengths while making any mistakes in linguistics. There are a myriad of points which can be used in every type of resume which means you'll never run out of topics to talk about as well as assistance from additional tips while you write your resume.

The site offers fifteen different resume templates to choose from. The layouts are based on traditional, standard designs, and this website is perfect for those who want to create an old-fashioned, classic resume. You can personalize all the details as you traverse the process, uploading an older resume to start the new one and you can also download the resume once you're done.

Upgrade plans are affordable and you can get 2 weeks' access at $3 , or an entire month's access for just $6. the plan allows you to make more resumes, utilize more templates and design cover letters, too.

Best job builder

8. CVmaker

An easyand hassle-free website for creating a resume quickly

REASONS to buy
  • +Easy to make use of
  • +Straightforward interface
  • + One-off payment

CVmaker is among the most straightforward resume builders to utilize, and is the ideal option if you need to create your resume in a short time and with no effort.

Creating an online resume with CVmaker is easy. The website follows a step-by step procedure to collect details about your experience at work and education, as well as your interests and references. After that, you are able to change the layout between various designs and then download the file to use for application for jobs. You can also include your own sections to your resume, which feature isn't found on any other websites.

CVmaker is a basic tool, but mainly with its free version - at the moment, it's sufficient for creating an entry-level profile, and that's about it. When you sign up to the premium level, you can include additional sections that are custom, utilize more sophisticated templates, and make use of a text editor that is advanced. It's a one-time cost of $16, also making it one of the least expensive built-in resume builders that you can purchase.

Best job builder

9. VisualCV

Awe-inspiring, vibrant resume templates to aid in making your resume make an impression

  • Bold Templates that are eye-catching and striking
  • Easy to import LinkedIn information
  • + Good options for privacy

VisualCV is among the most efficient and flexible resume-building sites available. It starts with a variety of contemporary and appealing templates that have more visual and color than the majority of other resume writing tools. Once you've picked the perfect style you can customize every resume to suit your requirements.

The site offers a lot more than the basics of resume writing. It allows advanced resume tracking features to track the date and time your resume was downloaded or read as well as get blogs, guides or articles if you need help. You can import information directly from LinkedIn to make the process of creating a CV simpler and also look up templates for cover letters too.

VisualCV lets you easily send your resume to friends and family members for fast feedback. It also has greater privacy features than many resume builders, meaning that your personal information is safer.

The free version of this site lets you create a resume with a single template. You can then download it, however it'll have VisualCV branding that isn't removed. The Pro option is 20 bucks per month or $13 a month when you opt for a quarterly plan which gives you more templates as well as the capability to build unlimited resumes.

Best job builder

Best job builder
(Image credit:


An array of features make this an effective resume builder that can be used in a variety of ways.

REASONS to buy
  • Good resume and cover letters templates
  • +Includes job tracking
  • +Automatic spellcheck is among the largest resume sites online, offering numerous features that are of high-quality in all departments.

Like any other resume-building tool it is easy to utilize a beautiful template to create a solid CV with It also has hundreds of pre-written phrases, automatic spell-checking and the capability to export your CV in any format that you like.

Additionally, the site provides cover letter templates, too. It also allows you to create automatic summary of your documents, get access to recruitment guidelines, and monitor any applications that use the documents you upload to the website.

If you sign up with at no cost, you are able to create an application and cover letter and share those documents with potential employers, however, you are able to download your resume as a text file. If you purchase the Professional plan, it will be able to create unlimited applications and letters by using the entire library of tools. This is the one we recommend.

Best job builder

11. KickResume

Good templates and pre-written phrases with a documented pedigree

  • Includes a wide selection of pre-written templates
  • +Templates cover the most important industries.

KickResume puts a lot of emphasis on the ease of creating resumes and comes with a variety of tools to make it easier to create your resume and assist you in avoiding the most common mistakes.

This website has greater than 50 professional resume templates that include modern and traditional design , along with a wide range of jobs and sectors. The site offers more than 20,000 phrases pre-written which can be incorporated into your resume. It's ideal for those who want to add professional terminology in a fast and simple manner.

It is possible to view resumes that have helped applicants get job offers at companies like Facebook, NASA, and Google. KickResume includes inbuilt proofreading and an editor for cover letters.

It's free to make four resumes using KickResume and you can also have an unassuming website and gain access to the complete collection of pre-written sentences too This is among the best choices for resume creation for free. If upgrading to the $7-per month Pro program, then you'll receive additional templates, full customizable options, and AI resume review along with prioritised assistance.

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