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More avid gamers will be more likely be the victim of cyberattacks

More avid gamers will be more likely be the victim of cyberattacks
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A majority of gamers (46 percent) have been victims of cyberattacks, with the percentage reaching 66% in the most avid gamers, according to the results of a study.

Additionally, in their attempt to provide a better understanding of the cyber-related risks that affect gamers The global survey carried out by NortonLifeLock shows that more than half (76 percent) of the players who were targeted have lost more than $750 per annum as a result of the hack.

Unexpectedly, many players admit to having a variety of unsafe online gaming practices for example, using the same password on multiple gaming accounts or device, as well as sharing personal data, including their birthdays and names when playing online games.

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Many have admitted downloading add-ons on a site that's not associated with the game's publisher.

"Cheats, trainers and exploits can be incredibly alluring for driven gamers. Scammers know this and will often try to trick gamers into clicking phishing links or downloading malware by touting limited edition items or secret cheat codes that promise to give a competitive boost," said Darren Shou, Head of Technology, NortonLifeLock.

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The study of more than 5300 adults in eight countries also revealed surprising data on cyber threats to gamer-to-gamer and the extreme extent to which gamers will go to be successful.

In fact, one-in-four (27 percent) gamers have admitted that they would attempt to hack into the gaming accounts of a spouse or family member when they were aware that it could gain them an advantage when playing online. This is especially true for gamers who are hardcore in the US 2 out of five (42 percent) confessing to this behavior.

In addition the statistics show that among American users who an account or gaming device victimized by cyberattacks, one of five (21 percent) were hacked or have had personal data stolen and made public online.

"I've learned that when you're gaming online, it's so important to be mindful of who you are friends with online and what information you share. While this is especially true for professional gamers who have that public profile, it's clear this goes for any online gamer," recommends BigCheeseKIT Gamer, gamer, who is also a Twitch streamer.

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