Apple Wants to Create Sustainable eco-friendly Products

Apple Wants to Create Sustainable eco-friendly Products

Apple decided to purchase about 36,000 acres of forest in Maine and North Carolina, part of the company’s environmental protection and sustainability programs. The vice president of environmental initiatives at Apple, Lisa Jackson, confirmed the news.  

Jackson claimed that the famous company made this purchase, as Apple actually plans to source the paper used for its product packaging and daily operations from “sustainably managed forests” and “controlled wood sources.”

The area that Apple purchased actually is twice the size of Manhattan, the Conservation Fund alleged. The area is part of a million acres of conserved lands that provide habitat for the Atlantic salmon, the bald eagle and the Canada lynx.

Lisa Jackson claimed that the fact that Apple made this purchase actually is an amazing thing, as the popular company will make sure that locals will continue to keep their jobs and recreational opportunities will not be changed.

“Apple is quantifying the virgin paper footprint from its packaging. Apple is committed to zeroing out that impact by using paper more efficiently, increasing recycled paper content, sourcing paper sustainably, and conserving acreage of working forests around the world equivalent to its virgin paper footprint,” Lisa Jackson explained. 

The statement did not add how much paper Apple will source from these forests or how much supply it needs.

Will Apple’s sustainable forest be enough to cover its packaging and operational needs? It surely seems that Apple hopes that in time they will be able to source all the needed paper from sustainable forests.

“Where we want to get, of course, is 100 percent,” Lisa Jackson explained. “We feel a deep responsibility to take real action and make sure we’re addressing our own footprint,” she added.

Apple has shown an increased interest in sustainability in the past few years. In fact, the remarkable change came along with Tim Cook’s naming as the CEO of Apple. The great changes that occurred at the tech giant have been appreciated by Greenpeace itself, which named Apple one of the most remarkable Fortune 500 companies when it comes to their efforts to protect the environment.

Apple’s dedication to sustainable projects was also proved by the company’s latest announcement of investing over $850 million to build a solar farm in California.

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