Interesting new features on Amazon Echo

Interesting new features on Amazon Echo

There has passed more than a year since Amazon has launched its new Echo device. During this period of time, Amazon has worked and managed to improve this talking device.

When Amazon Echo was launched, customers were very skeptical about talking to this device, but now, when they have realized what this new product can do, the sales are gone high. Living with Amazon Echo for more than a year is like having a home assistant that will help you with information and turn on devices for you.

Having this device in the house is very helpful, because users will be able to ask Echo to brew their coffee every morning at 8:00 a.m. for them, they may ask to record their favorite TV shows or to set a timer when they put something in the oven for breakfast or dinner.

Moreover, Amazon Echo is also able to turn the light off when users are going to bed. Yes, this is the true success of this smart speaker. It is perfect for a daily routine and never asks people to change their habits.

Instead, Amazon Echo just makes a surprising number of those habits better. When it was first launched, Amazon’s smart speaker had debuted as an invite-only beta-gadget at the cost of 99 dollars.

Now, this smart device is available for everyone and it can be purchased at the price of 180 dollars, which means nearly twice expensive. Unfortunately, Amazon Echo isn’t yet available in UK or Australia.

Probably, every person who wants to buy this smart speaker is asking how should they use it? Well, it is very simple. For starters, they need to get it out of the box, plug it in and they will hear the sound of Alexa waking up.

At first, the voice assistant will say Hello, then it will help users to make the setup process. The next step is to connect Amazon Echo to the Wi-Fi network and sync it with the phone or the tablet. After these steps, the smart speaker will light up and users will be able to use the device.

Customers should know that this smart speaker is a good listener, too, featuring noise-cancelling microphones that use “far-field” voice recognition technology. This means that Amazon Echo will hear the user’s voice, even if he is not near the speaker. The company claims that Amazon Echo can hear the user’s voice even if he is several feet away and the TV or radio is turned on.

So, Amazon has declared these days that Echo also has some new tricks. The company has claimed that its smart speaker is now able to order a pizza, call an Uber or stream music straight from Spotify. With a premium subscriber of the Spotify service, users will be able to request for an album, song or artist, just by saying: “Alexa, play Beyonce on Spotify.” It is a good move for Amazon and the audio quality is decent.

Amazon Echo does a good job filling a room with sound, something that users have already seen while listening to audiobooks or podcasts.

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