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Style:Satellite TV Antenna and receiver Designed exclusively for DISH Network satellite TV programming, the Pathway X2 antenna offers a whole new look at automatic satellite TV acquisition

Powered through the DISH receiver, the Pathway X2 requires no separate power cord

Simply activate the receiver through an existing DISH account or subscribe to a new Pay-As-You-Go programming package that doesn?t require any activation fees or 2 year agreements

A unique feature to the Pathway is the ability to point to either Western or Eastern arc satellite orbitals, offering the most programming available

The larger reflector size also provides superior signal performance compared to other automatic portable satellite systems

Lightweight yet rugged, the Pathway X2 antenna offers the fastest and easiest set up

Features 2 coax inputs to allow for multiple receiver hook-up, an easy grip carry handle, and a security eyelet molded into the base so the antenna can be locked up

Includes one 25? coax cable

Stores to 15? x 21?

Weight 16 lbs

Compatible with Carryout tripod mount (sold separately)

Not compatible with Carryout ladder mount

Made in the U



Antenna Directivity – Directional


  • Dual Arc technology receives both Western and Eastern arcs for maximum SD/HD DISH programming throughout the US in all weather conditions
  • Optimized for 2 TV seamless viewing, receives programming from satellite 72.7 when connected to 2 receivers
  • Receives standard and high definition DISH programming and is compatible with DISH pay-as-you-go programming.Clean the reflector cover with a soft cloth, water, and dish soap to avoid scratching the cover
  • 100% automatic, set your state and the X2 will do the rest! Powered through the coax, just one wire with no power cable needed
  • Includes DISH Wally HD receiver, Single Tuner, RF Remote with Remote Finder, Built in Apps (Netflix)

Top Reviews:

It picks up a good signal and stations using one receiver.Hook up second receiver and goes to a satellite that does not havemany channels in our package, History, TBS, Discovery, ESPN, ESPN 2, TNT, FX,and more. Not so good if you are like me and watch those channels.

I haven’t called Winegard tech support so I can’t say about that. But the unit is easy to assemble, install (we use a tripod on the ground) and super easy to use. but of course the only drawback is that it is DISH-network only. We live in an RV and it has been useful. The people at DISH will talk you through the commissioning process.

So far, I have only used this item once. I bought the dish and receiver here because it was cheaper to get it with receiver than without since I did not need another receiver, but will keep it for a just in case need later. As for the satellite, it found all three satellites in a reasonable time. I have an old Tailgater satellite which still works great but it is a little top heavy and I have to strap it down where this one is more stable and wanted the option of using two different satellite orbits for camping in RV for when trees are present. I can’t say it found satellites or downloaded the guide any quicker than my old smaller satellite, but it did work just fine. It takes up more room than my old Tailgater, but the larger dish has to do better than the smaller dish on my old satellite dish. I like the option of using the tripod made for this also which I didn’t use one in the past.

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