How much can you earn with Big Time? Real earnings, apps, how to play

How much can you earn with Big Time? Real earnings, apps, how to play

Big Time, the mobile app that allows you to earn while playing

Big Time app allows you to play a series of games on smartphones and tablets while earning money. So you need to know the characteristics of this digital initiative that combines useful and pleasant .

Earn money playing online, the big time goal

Playing for free and winning real money  is everyone’s dream, but to achieve it, you need to understand what this app to earn money by playing is all about. Keep in mind that bigtime is ideal for mobile devices.

In this way, one can earn by playing video games anytime and anywhere . The creators of the app have aimed in this direction, offering the prospect of earning money through the game and winning free money .

Play for free and win real money by following the Big Time rules

Big Time is a completely free application and this already allows you to associate game and earnings. However, the games offered by the app allow you to win prizes by playing which will then be used to actually earn money .

Big Time pays based on how long you play and how well you play , so it’s best to focus on one of the games you’re most proficient at if you want to win money playing for free.

How Big Time works

In practice, Big Time app is very simple to use, just download it on your device from the Apple Store for those who use Apple’s iOS or Google Play for Android users. Sign up and then play.

At the beginning, not all games are available, you will face each other by gradually leveling up, but the goal is to achieve the best score. For each game supported, in order to earn money by playing online for free, you receive tickets and not immediate money .

How tickets are turned into money games

To earn with video games on your smartphone, you need to make high scores that reward you with a greater number of tickets. There are goals: 10,000 tickets allow you to get $0.10. Once you have accumulated 10 dollars, you start receiving them on PayPal .

This means that real money games require some time and increasing skill to accumulate many tickets and increase the result thanks to the games to win money.

In any case, there are additional lotteries on the app. More or less every 2 days, you can win hundreds of dollars up for grabs. In this case, the tickets we have earned by playing are used to participate .

Big Time rewards regular and most skilled players

Big Time makes things more interesting, especially at the beginning, to accumulate tickets by offering various bonuses that can reduce the time of those who play and earn. As you level up in games with prizes, the difficulty of winning tickets also increases, so you have to take this into account if you want to play for money.

Furthermore, to manage money games, the dollars disbursed depend on the advertising collected . You see a lot of them on Big Time, but this is the small price for being able to play games to earn money for free. Not surprisingly, it is called the “Free-2-Win” model.

Big Time probably won’t get rich with money games, but it still guarantees small rewards to those who earn by playing. The important thing is not to get caught up in the frenzy of free money games, to avoid forms of psychological addiction. Win money online, but with realism .

How much can you earn with Big Time?

The goal is to reach a certain number of tickets, for example with 10,000 it will be possible to receive 0.10 dollars and, once the figure of 10 dollars has been reached, it will be possible to transfer them to our PayPal account.

Which Apps Really Pay?

  • 1.BeMyEye (Android – iOS)
  • 2.WeWard (Android – iOS)
  • 4.LovBY (Android – iOS)
  • 6.Google Opinion Rewards (Android)
  • 7.SweatCoin (Android – iOS)
  • 10.Toluna (Android – iOS)
  • MOVECoin (Android – iOS)
  • FitPlay (Android)

How to make real money playing?

The first application that I recommend you try is Big Time, which allows you to play many games and earn tickets through these games, with which you can participate in regular draws that take place automatically and allow you to earn small cash prizes ( these rewards are part of the earnings…

How to earn 50 euros a day?

The social channel is a great opportunity to earn 50 euros a day.…How to immediately earn 50 euros a day with Telegram.

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