What’s New in iOS 17 New OS for iPhone

What’s New in iOS 17 New OS for iPhone

Get ready for the latest and greatest iOS update! iOS 17 is here and it is packed with new features and improvements for your iPhone.

Are you ready for a new world of possibilities with iOS 17?

Apple’s latest operating system update is here and it’s packed with exciting new features that will revolutionize the way you use your iPhone or iPad. From improved privacy settings to innovative productivity tools, iOS 17 is designed to make your digital experience smoother, faster, and more intuitive than ever before.

In this comprehensive guide, we take you on a journey through all the key features of iOS 17, helping you unlock its full potential and take your device to the next level.

Whether you are an experienced iOS user or new to the Apple ecosystem, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to navigate the latest update with confidence. So get ready to explore the world of iOS 17 and discover how it can improve your daily life in ways you never thought possible. Let’s dive in!

iOS 17 will arrive on new phones starting in September, but you can try it out now. Anyone who wants to try the new features can play with iOS 17, and one of the new features is that if someone sends you a voice message, the recipient will no longer have to listen to it, necessarily.

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in the UK, but it will definitely be coming to WhatsApp. We will no longer have to listen to voice messages with our ear resting on the phone, because iOS 17 will be able to automatically apply a caption.

Another new feature is that when the phone is turned off, charged and propped up, a special standby or idle screen is automatically displayed, as translated by Apple into English. Very interesting is the ability to display in a personalized way if, for example, a food order is pending. For example, if you have an order on hold, it will show how long it will take without having to pick up the phone each time.

The same is true for tax orders. The same goes for ride-sharing vehicles, which are also displayed.

Another change is for Siri.

Now we don’t have to say Hey, Siri. Just say Siri and it activates.

Unfortunately, there are very few new features added on this iOS 17, compared to the evolution we saw between iOS 15 and 16. Rather a few things are improved and it goes more on the idea of customization

What does personalisation mean?

If we close the phone and press and hold the home screen, we get to personalisation and have a few more things to play with.

For example, on a new wallpaper we can change the style, we can select how thick the top figures are, the fonts, which we could do before, but they’ve added a few more things with certain widgets, which obviously – for now – aren’t available, because the developers need to work on them a bit.

Another interesting aspect is that we can decide how we appear on other people’s phones when we call them. To do this, we need to go to Contacts, click on our profile name, edit and add a picture. When you call someone, for example, you’ll see their name as they have it listed in their address book with our profile picture.

Even more interesting is that if you meet someone and you want to exchange phone numbers and they have iOS 17, the latest operating system, just tap your phones and the exchange of phone numbers and contact email address will be done automatically.

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