Belen Rodriguez, criticism of daughter Luna “(…) Ew.”

Belen Rodriguez, criticism of daughter Luna “(…) Ew.”

Writes Belen Rodriguez who does not stop gathering criticism. Once she archived yet another separation with Stefano De Martino and the beginning of “a new love story” complete with an extra-luxury trip, now her posts are raining endless criticism on her daughter Luna Mary, the little one born from her relationship with hair stylist Antonino Spinalbese. Towards the little one, born in 2021, negative words have rained down from the beginning. She is blond and blue-eyed, quite the opposite of the Argentine model, and many would even suspect that she was not his daughter. So much so that one woman, Tatiana Sova, had come forward and declared in a video that went viral on Tik Tok that the real mother of little Luna was her.

Luna Marì on social channels

Clearly, no one listened or gave any weight to what must have been just rumors to gain visibility. The fact remains that the only two-year-old girl has become something of a celebrity on social media. In fact, there is no shortage of posts in which Luna appears in the foreground, beautiful and absolutely photogenic. But this does not please the model’s followers at all. In fact, far from it. On the contrary, on her and on the photos of Luna Marì it rains phrases of ridicule to no end

The criticism on Instagram

Recent are the posts in which the little girl, only two years old, appears prominently on social. There has clearly been no shortage of comments from fake and non-fake profiles. ” My mommy the candy on the bench that sucks” – or again – “Poor children how many men they see in the bed of your house, Santiago older always sees change man to his mommy” or: “We do not know whether to say whether this child how many fathers she has seen, or whether to say uncles” and what not. Someone also criticized Rodriguez’s lifestyle saying that she will also end up with her latest boyfriend and that she only shows off her children for fun. Chatter to which the presenter responded … with silence….

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