Best AirPods Pro 2 second-gen skins 2023

Protect and personalize your USB-C AirPods with these decorative skins.

Every day we are constantly looking for a way to express ourselves and to give strangers an insight into who we are. Whether it’s through our clothes, hair or tattoos; every aspect of ourselves says something about our personality, even the cases we put on our technology. If you’re looking for a unique way to showcase your personality or just want to add some color to your life then you need to buy a “skin” for your AirPods Pro.

I’m constantly getting my AirPods mixed up with my sister’s AirPods and adding a colorful skin to my earbuds has helped them stand out from the pack. Skins not only add some personality to your AirPods but also help protect them from any scratches AirPods cases typically endure. Here are some of the best available on the market right now.

  • airpods skin

    Slick Wraps/Pocketlintt

    Slick Wraps AirPods Pro 2nd Gen Custom Skin

    Best 2nd Gen Pro skin overall

    Slick Wraps’ custom AirPods Pro 2nd Gen skin tops them all for me. Having the ability to customize your skin truly allows you to upload your own image or design and add text to the skin. You need to use heat such as a hair dryer or heat gun to apply the skin.

  • airpods sunset

    Mighty Skins/Pocketlint

    Mighty Skins Sunset Forest

    Best skin for value

    Mighty Skins offers a variety of skins for all Apple products and has a variety of designs available for AirPods Pro 2nd gen. For $16 you can get a pack of two, I prefer this sunset design but there are plenty options available. The laminate is pretty durable but not as stain resistant as others.

  • acrylic airpods


    GamersClub Acrylic Patterned Skin

    Best budget skin

    For less than $10 you can get an aesthetically pleasing skin that’s made of solid water resistant quality vinyl meant to protect your AirPods from scratches. GamersClub offers a handful of designs all of the highest quality. The only downside is that the shipping takes two weeks on average.

  • michigan


    Skinit University of Michigan Skin

    Best skin for football fans

    Searching for a way to always be repping your favorite team now that football season is officially back? SkinIt offers a variety of football skins. The wrap is made of premium 3m vinyl, promising to leave your case looking stylish and protected.

  • dripiify


    Dripiify Skins

    Best skin designs

    Dripiify’s Etsy shop has over 3,000 five stars reviews and hundreds of positive reviews for their tech accessories. The shop offers dozens of different aesthetically pleasing designs such as this blue marble skin plus customers can choose if they want a matte or glossy finish.

  • star wars


    Flippin Stickers Star Trooper Wrap

    Best skin for Star Wars fans

    If you want a more subtle design for your AirPods, look no further than this Star Wars decal. The sticker is more simple and not as protective as skins that wrap fully around your case but it’s cheap and a nice addition to the otherwise boring AirPods case.

  • basic


    PrecisionGamer Solid Skins

    Best basic skin

    If you’re looking for a super basic skin for your AirPods Pro, PrecisionGamer on Etsy offers several different skins in simple colors. The vinyl is scratch and water-resistant. Plus, its meant to be fade-proof, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing the decal.

  • glow in the dark


    Rockmax Glow Skull Skin

    Best skin to standout

    $17 $20 Save $3

    If you’re looking for a way to stand out or a quick and easy way to find your AirPods case, Rockmax’s glow in the dark skull skin for AirPods Pro can do the trick. And just in time for spooky season, this lime green and black decal gives the perfet Halloween vibe.

What’s the difference between a skin and a case?

A skin is a sticker or decal you put on your AirPods case that’s meant to prevent scratches on the case. A case for your AirPods attaches on the outside of your AirPods case and helps prevent your AirPods from getting damaged due to drops or other mishaps.

Should I get a skin for my AirPods?

Possibly. It’s completely up to your preference, but if you’re like me and want to try and keep your items as looking clean as possible, then it’s definitely worth putting a skin on your AirPods. While skins don’t offer as much protection as buying a case for your AirPods does, it’s still worth getting one to help prevent your earbuds from experiencing the typical wear and tear most AirPods experience.

Will a skin protect my AirPods?

Yes and no. Skins don’t provide the same protection buying an AirPods Pro case would, but it will protect your AirPods Pro case and earbuds from getting scratches and marks. I would recommend skins for people looking to add a thin layer of protection to their AirPods as opposed to a bulky AirPods Pro case.

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