Best Apple Watch Series 9 cases: Protect your Apple smartwatch

These Apple Watch Series 9 cases are the ones to watch for.

The Apple Watch Series 9 is here, and it’s immediately taking its place as the best choice for anyone looking to pick up a new Apple Watch that isn’t intensely outdoorsy like the Watch Ultra 2.

If you’re worried about denting or scratching your new smartwatch, though, you might be thinking about picking up a case to protect it – we’ve gathered the very best Apple Watch Series 9 cases for you right here, to help.

  • Spigen thin fit Apple Watch Series 9 case

    Spigen Thin Fit Case for Apple Watch

    Editor’s Choice

    Thin and easy

    $15 $18 Save $3

    This thin case from Spigen doesn’t add much bulk at all but will protect nicely from drops and scrapes.

  • SwitchEasy aluminium case for Apple Watch Series 9

    SwitchEasy Aluminium case for Apple Watch

    Metallic option

    $40 $45 Save $5

    This case is a more metallic option for those who want to preserve the feeling of their Apple Watch while still getting much beefier protection.

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid clear Apple Watch case

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for Apple Watch

    Clear as day

    This case is a great way to get some protection for your Series 9 without covering up its lovely design – it’s clear.

  • Spigen Rugged armor case for Apple Watch

    Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Apple Watch Case

    Best Value

    Affordable protection

    Spigen’s got another excellent option in the form of this incredibly, well, rugged case. It’s perfect for hikes or exercise, adding a real layer of protection to your Apple Watch Series 9.

  • Pitaka Air Case for Apple Watch

    Pitaka Air Case for Apple Watch

    Incredibly thin

    This is another super-thin option if you just care about adding a layer of scratch protection. Its finish makes for a nice modern look, too.

  • Goton Apple Watch case

    Goton Apple Watch Waterproof Case and Screen Protector

    Extra protection

    If you want to add even more waterproofing to your watch, or just give it a sturdier feeling, this case will do both, and is very affordable.

  • Raptic Defense Bumper for Apple Watch

    Raptic Defense Bumper for Apple Watch

    Clear case

    This is another solid option if you want a clear case, giving you protection without stopping your choice of Apple Watch Series 9 colour being obvious.

  • Modal Bumper for Apple watch

    Modal Bumper for Apple Watch

    Twin pack

    $8 $10 Save $2

    A twin-pack of bumper cases gives you two options for colour, and you get a decent little bit of extra protection without having to break the bank.

What you need to know about the best Apple Watch Series 9 cases

The Apple Watch Series 9 is a nice upgrade from Apple, but it stays the same in one crucial area – dimensions. This means that a case that fits the Series 8 should slip onto the Series 9 like a glove.

That’s worth knowing if you already have some older cases, but the selection we’ve named above will also give you a bunch of great options for new cases. Spigen, in particular, has a range of case types available, all of them offering slightly different features and designs for different needs.

There are also nice and affordable choices, but if you want something more premium and metallic you should find that side of things covered, too.

Cases are nice, but you’ll almost certainly also want to consider strap options for your Apple Watch Series 9, too – a new strap can completely change how your watch looks and feels, after all. Luckily, we’ve similarly gathered the best bands for you, here.

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