Best iPhone PopSocket cases 2023

Get a better hold on your iPhone 15 with these multi-functional popsocket cases.

However elegant Apple upgrades its iPhone’s aluminium, glass, and now titanium borders, iPhones haven’t exactly gotten easier to hold for long periods of time. Big phones mean your hands and arms get tired wrangling more weight – that’s just reality. Thankfully, that can be easily rectified with a good case that can help you both hold your phone, and prop it up when you put it down, making it easier to scroll for hours, watch videos, or take selfies.

PopSocket, who is effectively to phone grip accessories what Xerox was to making photocopies, offers the most popular version of this idea called, a PopSocket, but you don’t have to go with a name brand to get just the right blend of protection and functionality out of your case. There are lots of options when it comes to “popsocket” cases for your iPhone and we’ve collected some of the best ones for you to pick from below.

  • A blue-ish, pink case on an iPhone with cameras visible and a grip jutting out of the back.

    PopSockets / Pocket-lint

    PopSockets iPhone 15 Case

    Best case overall

    The PopSocket iPhone 15 Case has lots of appeal. t’s MagSafe compatible, which means all your accessories will still work without removing the case, the attached PopSocket works just as well as a kickstand as it does a grip, and you’re getting three metres of drop protection guaranteed. Additionally, by sticking the PopSocket brand you’re buying into an extensive ecosystem of accessories, with various options to keep things fresh.

  • A yellow phone case with a circular grip flat against the back of the case.

    Otterbox / Pocket-lint

    Otterbox Symmetry Series for iPhone 15

    Best premium case

    If protection and a slightly more clever design are your flavour of choice, the Otterbox Symmetry Series for Mhas a grip that can lay completely flat when not in use and a rigid case with reinforced corners that offers a ton of protection in case of a bump or fall. Otterbox’s case doesn’t work as a kickstand as well, but maybe extra peace of mind makes up for it.

  • Three iPhones in blue cases, with one laying horizontal, with magnetic stand visible.

    Laudtec / Pocket-lint

    Laudtec Silicone Kickstand Case for iPhone 15

    Best value case

    The Laudtec Silicone Kickstand Case for iPhone 15 uses a magnetic, semi-rigid strap for gripping and propping up rather than a pop-out disc. It works horizontally or vertically, and there’s raised edges to keep important bits like your screen or cameras from touching the ground if you drop your phone. The only thing missing is wireless charging, which Laudtec says the phone case doesn’t support.

  • Three iPhones in red cases, with one of the horizontal with a ring grip sticking out.

    Goton / Pocket-lint

    Goton iPhone 15 Plus Case with Camera Cover

    Best durable case

    Goton’s iPhone 15 Plus Case with Camera Cover has a sliding back cover that completely covers your phone’s lenses. Its metallic back kickstand ring pulls double duty as a place you slip a finger while holding your phone, and the case itself is totally shockproof. Goton even throws in a tempered glass screen protector when you purchase a case.

  • Two phones, one has a plastic strap attached to the back and the other has a screen that's on.

    Encased / Pocket-lint

    Encased Finger Loop Case for iPhone 15

    Best for a soft-elastic hold

    Not everything has to be metal or hard plastic discs. The Encased Finger Loop Case has an integrated elastic strap you can slip your fingers into paired with a hardshell case that has you covered for basic scratches and drops. With the right adjustments the finger loop also acts as a stand.

  • Three phones in clear cases, with the first one laying horizontal with a stand sticking out the back.

    Scooch / Pocket-lint

    Scooch Wingman for iPhone 15

    Best kickstand case

    $40 $50 Save $10

    Prominent “Scooch” branding gives the Wingman a uniqye look, but it’s a protective case with a solid grip and stand solution. Scooch’s rigid “clickstand” can be switched from a stand to a finger grip with a small amount of pressure, and it’s strong enough to slot into a car vent as a mount.

  • Three iPhones in cases with ring grip stands, with one of them laying horizontal.

    SaharaCase / Pocket-lint

    SaharaCase Hybrid-Flex Kickstand Case for iPhone 15 Pro

    Best kickstand for the iPhone 15 Pro

    The SaharaCase Hybrid-Flex Kickstand Case has the common kickstand ring that also works as a grip, built-in magnets for MagSafe, and a TPU construction that’s designed to prevent yellowing over time, so your phone stays looking clear rather than showing build-up. Additionally, the case boasts a lightweight form-factor and slim, but tight fit.

  • Three phones in cases, with one of them horizontal, with circular ring stands on the back.

    Torras / Pocket-lint

    Torras 360° Rotatable Magnetic Ring Stand Case for iPhone 15

    Best multi-functional case

    The Torras 360 Rotatable Magnetic Ring Stand Case has a thin metal ring that unfolds from the back for slipping your fingers in or using as a stand. It can rotate in any direction, making it endlessly adjustable, and its built-in magnets promises MagSafe product compatibility. Additionally, the case is shockproof, promising durability.

The best iPhone popsocket cases: Consider what you need

Making your iPhone easier to hold and use is just one of many ways you can customise it for the way you use smartphones. If you need a solid grip and kickstand that’s connected to a vast ecosystem of different designed grips, cases, wallets, batteries, and car mounts, look no further than the PopSocket iPhone 15 Case for MagSafe.

Otterbox’s Symmetry Series starts pricey but is well worth the added cost. You’ll get some of the best features of PopSocket’s case, with the added ability to connect to MagSafe without removing anything and the excellent drop protection Otterbox is known for. In our opinion, the company also sells an excellent selection of colours to choose from.

But you don’t necessarily have to spend more than $20 to get all the protection and phone-gripping ability you could ever want. The Laudtec Silicone Kickstand Case is soft and comfortable to hold, with a magnetic strap that lets you set it up vertically or horizontally when you’re not using it as a strap for your fingers.

Do you need a case to use popsockets?

Absolutely not, in fact there are multiple ways to attach some kind of grip or kickstand on your phone if you already have a case that you like. PopSocket itself sells PopSockets (and wallets and battery packs) that use adhesives, MagSafe, or magnets to keep themselves attached to your phone or case, and there are plenty of third party options that can do the same thing with some super strong magnets. The case is really only there if you need the extra protection or with some options, if you plan on customising your “popsocket” after the fact.

Does the popsocket need to be removable?

Not always. On some thicker cases or thicker grips, you’ll need to remove them if you want any hope of wireless charging or using MagSafe accessories. That’s part of the reason why so many case options use metal rings or have magnets inside, they’re trying to keep you from having to remove anything. There are other clever ways around this – Otterbox’s grip lays flush with thinner cases, for example – but it’s also something you should consider before you invest in a case or popsocket. Do you need to wirelessly charge?

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