Best Surface tablets 2023

Microsoft’s Surface lineup is renowned for some of the best 2-in-1 tablets and laptops for business people, students and anyone else on the go. The range has been steadily growing over the years, and Surface tablets remain the top choice for buyers wanting a slim and lightweight design with laptop functionality, while the best Surface PCs offer capable performance in a more traditional form.

We’ve reviewed most of the range this year, including the new Surface Laptop Go 3 to see what they offer, with some interesting results. For this guide, we’ve divided the best Surface tablets by performance and functionality to find the options for every buyer and budget.

Surface Pro 9-1


Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)

1. Best Surface tablet overall

The reigning champ

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 9 is the best 2-in-1 because it has a tough aluminium body with great performance for demanding tasks.


  • Excellent display
  • Versatile size
  • Fast performance

  • Bulky
  • Keyboard is an optional extra

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 9 is a 2-in-1 offering the best of both worlds, working as a tablet and converting to a laptop when you attach the magnetic keyboard and stylus sold separately. The best thing about it is that there isn’t much of a power sacrifice considering its compact 13.3-inch size, and the Intel Core i7-1255U and 16GB of RAM deliver desktop-like performance to handle productivity apps, browsing and most other work tasks. Its 256GB SSD should be adequate for daily use, although many buyers will probably use cloud-based storage instead.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 in laptop mode with attached blue keyboard on a countertop.

At 287 x 209 x 9.3mm and 879g, the sturdy aluminium Surface Pro 9 can easily fit on your lap and includes with two Thunderbolt 4-compatible USB-C ports in the way of connectivity. The 13.3-inch (2880 x 1920) display is the star of the show, with a fast 120Hz refresh rate, sharp image quality and instant responsiveness to enhance the user experience. Battery life is decent, too and should make it through a full working day with moderate use.

The Surface Pro 9 is the best option if you want power in a compact 13.3-inch size that can instantly be a laptop or desktop. Being chunkier than its rivals isn’t big because of its quality feel, but, unfortunately, you’ll need to buy the keyboard separately to experience its full potential.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2


Surface Laptop Studio 2

2. Best premium Surface tablet

Portable perfection

The Surface Laptop Studio 2 offers incredible performance in a versatile design that transforms from a laptop to a tablet in seconds.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Practical 2-in-1 design
  • Premium feel

The Surface Laptop Studio 2 is more of an evolution than a revolution over the previous model but takes performance to the next level with more power than ever. Like its predecessor, it blurs the line between a laptop and a tablet with its innovative folding design that converts from one to the other while housing a proper keyboard instead of a detachable one. At 14.4 inches, it’s just the right size not to feel cramped and has a generous port selection, including dual Thunderbolt 4-compatible USB-Cs, a USB-A, and an SD card reader.

There’s no shortage of performance with the powerful Intel i7-13700H CPU and 64GB RAM that can handle the most demanding apps. The 2TB of storage is pretty good, too and will be more than enough for all but the most demanding buyers. Its spacious (2400 x 1600) 14.4-inch touchscreen is versatile for work, movies, and games, with a 120Hz refresh rate and RTX 4060 GPU to boost the picture quality.

Microsoft’s Laptop Studio 2 is a miraculous dual-function device packing serious power in a compact package. The bad news is that its hefty price tag might limit its appeal to buyers who really want a 2-in-1 instead of buying a separate laptop and tablet for the same price.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio


Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

3. Best value Surface tablet

Practicality without the price

$1336.22 $1599.99 Save $263.77

The Surface Laptop Studio offers great value because it’s available at a reduced price and includes a convertible design and decent power for most tasks.


  • Practical design
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Can handle light gaming

Buyers looking for the best value can check out the original Surface Laptop Studio, which’s often available with some sweet deals now that there’s a newer model out. There’s not much sacrifice when it comes to design, and the Studio has the same 14.4-inch convertible design as the newer model, effortlessly transforming between a tablet and a laptop. Quality is excellent with a durable aluminium housing, but connectivity is limited to a pair of USB-C ports and 3.5mm audio, so you’ll need to buy adapters if you have an older mouse or need an SD card reader.

Powering the Surface Laptop Studio is Intel’s 11th-gen i7 and 32GB of RAM, which isn’t the best for the most demanding apps or the latest AAA titles. It’s still fine for most work-related tasks like browsing, Microsoft Office, and even light gaming with the Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti GPU and 120Hz display. The 1TB storage is about average and will suffice for most buyers.

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio is worthwhile if you’ll use its hybrid functionality and don’t mind its lack of legacy ports. Its 2-in-1 design is a bit bulky, but it’s worth it because you get a capable laptop and tablet in one with enough performance for most light tasks.

Surface Pro 7+-1


Surface Pro 7+ (With Black Type Cover)

5. Best mid-range Surface tablet

Gets the job done

$930 $1230 Save $300

The Surface Pro 7+ is affordable, with a 12.3-inch display and enough performance for your daily tasks.


  • Great price
  • 12.3-inch display
  • Includes a keyboard

  • No Thunderbolt 4 capability
  • No Stylus

The Surface Pro 7+ might have a hybrid design, but it’s more of a tablet than a laptop with a compact 12.3-inch (2736×1824) touch display, which is a good thing when you’re scrolling through messages in a car or lying back to watch a movie. One of the best things about the Surface Pro 7+ is its attainable price compared to the premium models, despite offering sturdy magnesium construction and a foldable kickstand. The included magnetic keyboard completes the package because it doubles as a screen protector, and you can pull it out whenever you need to type and toss it back in the bag when you’re done.

Microsoft claims the Surface Pro 7+ to be a business tablet, but it’s more appropriate as a daily driver for students or light users with Intel’s 11th-gen i5 with 8GB of RAM. The 128GB of storage isn’t the biggest, but it will be fine for everyday users who mainly use web-based apps and cloud storage anyway. Connectivity is decent with a USB-A, a USB-C, 3.5-mmm audio in and out, and a surface connection.

The Surface Pro 7+ is an excellent choice for buyers who don’t need the fastest performance for their daily tasks like browsing, checking emails, or working on spreadsheets because it gets the job done at an affordable price. Its lack of Thunderbolt 4 capability and a stylus is forgivable, considering it includes a keyboard and can go anywhere.

Surface Go 4 for Business


Surface Go 4 for Business

6. Best Surface tablet for business

Business Boss

Microsoft’s Surface Go 4 is a compact business tool that can go anywhere with its 10.1-inch size.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Decent storage

  • Limited ports
  • Average performance

Microsoft’s new Surface Go 4 is a compact tablet designed for business use and is ideal for drivers, support staff and even kids needing a tiny computer while they’re out and about. Its (1920 x 1280) 10.1-inch touchscreen is good enough for documents and movies, and its tough 245 x 175 x 8.3 mm and 521-gram magnesium body will easily fit on your lap when you’re travelling. Unsurprisingly, there’s a limited port selection with only a single DisplayPort-compatible USB-C, a microSDXC card reader, 3.5mm audio, and a surface connect port.

This tablet can handle lighter everyday tasks like browsing and emails with Intel’s N200 CPU and 8GB of RAM, but will struggle with more demanding photo-editing apps. Its 256GB of storage should be adequate for most buyers, and it’s easily upgradable with the memory card reader. The lightweight CPU’s main benefits are better efficiency and a fanless design. Microsoft claims it can last up to 12 hours on a single charge, although you should take it with a pinch of salt.

Buyers looking for a sturdy yet lightweight tablet will love the Surface Go because they can hold it all day to take notes or browse while working on-site. It’s easy to overlook its average performance and limited ports because of its convenience, and it will serve you well if you stick to its boundaries.

Microsoft Surface Go 3


Microsoft Surface Go 3 Tablet

7. Best budget Surface tablet

Light work, light price

$574 $730 Save $156

Microsoft’s Surface Go 3 is a budget-friendly option with a compact size and decent performance for light tasks.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Great build quality

  • Limited ports
  • Not the fastest

Students or anyone looking for lightweight performance at a budget-friendly price can check out the Microsoft Surface Go 3. It’s been around a while and is starting to show its age, yet it remains a solid choice thanks to its enticing price tag and unrivalled portability. The (1920 x 1280) 10.1-inch display has great touch-responsiveness, making it easy to jot notes or sketch images with the compatible stylus, and you can also type documents if you add the magnetic keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 review photo 1

Performance is acceptable for spreadsheets, word processors, and other daily jobs with an Intel 10th-gen i3 CPU and 8GB of RAM. Its no-frills 128GB of storage does the job for office work or studies but will run out pretty fast if you add smartphone backups or media libraries. However, you can easily upgrade it with the MicroSDXC card reader, which joins the single USB-C and 3.5mm audio in and out as the connection options.

The Surface Go 3 isn’t meant to be a performance powerhouse and excels as a compact entry-level tablet with decent performance for most daily tasks. Its affordable price tag makes up for its limited port selection, but it’s a shame that the stylus and keyboard come separately.

The bottom line: Which is the best Surface tablet?

The Surface Pro 9 is the best surface tablet because of its practical 2-in-1 design, compact size and excellent performance for most tasks. If you’re looking for a premium option, the Surface Laptop Studio 2 is the best bet because of its large 14.4-inch display and modern hardware. The Surface Laptop Studio offers the most value because it’s often available at reduced prices and can still handle most productivity apps and browsing.

Surface Pro 9


Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi)

Editor’s Choice

How did we choose the best Surface tablets?

There isn’t a huge range of Surface tablets, so we only had a handful to choose from when making this list. After testing countless tablets this year, including several options listed here, we were able to divide them into the best for every user by their all-around performance, construction, and price.

You can rest assured that each model has adequate power and visual abilities for their intended purposes, with the best options to handle nearly everything you can think of.

Construction is another crucial factor, and it’s never an issue with the innovative 2-in-1 designs and metal bodies of Surface tablets. All our options are made from quality materials and tough enough for daily use.

Most buying decisions are based on price, yet some tablets offer more than others when it comes to performance. Luckily, there’s a wide range of Surface tablets ranging from budget to premium offerings for every user and budget, and we’ve ranked them in order of their abilities.

Are Surface Pros worth it?

Yes, Surface Pros are worth it because they offer a versatile 2-in-1 design and excellent performance for most tasks.

What are the benefits of a Surface tablet?

There are many benefits of a Surface tablet, like portability, great battery life, and capable performance.

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