Biden appointed special envoy to rebuild Ukrainian economy

Biden appointed special envoy to rebuild Ukrainian economy

First U.S. President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he has appointed billionaire and former U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker as his official representative to rebuild the Ukrainian economy, devastated by the Russian invasion, AFP reported.

” In partnership with the Ukrainian government,” U.S. allies, international financial institutions and the private sector, Pritzker “will lead U.S. efforts to help rebuild the Ukrainian economy,” the President said in a statement.

According to Biden, the wealthy businesswoman, who served as minister during the Obama administration and comes from an influential family-her brother is governor of Illinois-will have to “help the Ukrainian government undertake the reforms necessary to strengthen its economy.”

This is a priority for the U.S. administration at a time of growing concern about corruption.

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The Pritzker will be responsible for “mobilizing public and private investment, identifying donor priorities, and working to open export markets and businesses forced to close by Russia’s brutal attacks,” the U.S. president added.

According to the World Bank, Ukraine will need more than $400 billion for reconstruction.

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