Master the art of Photoshop without going broke thanks to this $30 course

Learn everything you need to know about Adobe’s flagship image editing program for under thirty bucks. Complete Photoshop Master Class Bundle

The Complete Photoshop Master Class Bundle

The Complete Photoshop Master Class Bundle

$29.99 $120 Save $90.01

With 39 hours of instruction split across seven individual courses, this bundle will turn you into an Adobe Photoshop genius. Learn how to create cinematic photography, adjust lighting, design for Web pages and much more.

Adobe Photoshop, for all of its annoyances, is still the dominant piece of software when it comes to image editing. Adobe has been refining the program since 1987, and it can be a little overwhelming for beginners. You could just trial and error your way through it, but with a subscription price of $20.99 a month, you’ll end up wasting cash figuring out its myriad tools and techniques. Or you could drop $30 on this incredible 39 hour master class that will give you everything you need in one place.

Why you should sign up for the Photoshop master class

Even if you’re not a graphic designer – or don’t want to be one – you can get a lot of use out of Adobe Photoshop. It’s one of the most powerful programs of its type, capable of simple tasks like smoothing out your skin in your selfies or more complex digital art. It’s pretty easy to pick up the basics, as the tools and Adobe’s documentation are relatively clear. But there are so many intricacies to Photoshop that aren’t in there.

In the most recent update, Photoshop added some incredible AI tools that let the software generate images on its own, including dynamic background replacement. They’re cool, but the output often requires a little additional massaging to look realistic. The skills you’ll learn in these classes are the perfect complement, as you can smooth rough edges, blend tones and precisely edit pixel-by-pixel.

No matter what you want to use it for, Photoshop is a must-have for any computer user. I’ve been making stuff with it since 1994, and I’ve only begun to discover what it can do. Get a head start on your own visual journey with 39 hours of expert instruction delivered at your own pace, available for a deeply discounted one-time fee. These are highly rated courses taught by masters in the field, so take advantage while you can.

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