The Google Pixel 8 lineup’s pricing and camera specs leaked, here’s what to expect

Key Takeaways

  • New details have leaked about Google’s upcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones, including pricing and camera specifications.
  • The Pixel 8 is set to cost $100 more than the Pixel 7, with a starting price of $699 depending on storage configuration.
  • Both models will come with a Google-designed Tensor G3 chip, but the Pixel 8 Pro will have 12GB of RAM compared to the Pixel 8’s 8GB. Camera specs include a 50-megapixel main shooter for the Pixel 8 and an upgraded 48-megapixel ultrawide and 5x telephoto camera for the Pixel 8 Pro.

It’s easy to think that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro lineups are the only phones on the market amid all the new iPhone noise, but the reality is that Google is getting ready to launch two new phones of its own. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are on the way and new details appear to have leaked ahead of the early October unveiling.

With the launch drawing ever nearer there are new rumors around a couple of vital aspects of the new phones including how much the handsets will cost and which cameras the models will come with. What’s more, there is information about new features as well as cold, hard specifications.

A Pixel 8 price increase

Starting with the pricing, a new leak by Kamila Wojciechowska, posted to X (the social network previously known as Twitter), brings with it bad news for potential Pixel 8 buyers.

The leak includes what appears to be a Pixel pricing poster that covers specifications and, more importantly, how much people will have to spend to get their hands on the new models. If this is legitimate, and it looks like it could be, the Pixel 8 is set to cost $100 more than the Pixel 7 that it will replace in the lineup. That means that Pixel 8 buyers will have to hand at least $699 over to Google depending on the storage configuration they want.

As for the Pixel 8 Pro, that’s going to cost the same $899 that the Pixel 7 Pro currently sells for – a starting price of $899.

The same poster appears to confirm that both models will come with a Google-designed Tensor G3 chip, but the Pixel 8 will have just 8GB of RAM while the Pixel 8 Pro will come with a cool 12GB. Those two figures match last year’s breakdown, for those wondering.

Camera specs galore

The second leak also comes from the same source but this time in collaboration with 91mobiles. This leak includes details about the cameras that the two models will ship with thanks to a leaked promo video that will presumably be made official after the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro’s unveiling. The details also match the tweet above, too.

Starting with the Pixel 8, the main 50-megapixel shooter will be joined by a 12-megapixel ultrawide while a 10.5-megapixel camera will take care of selfies. The Pixel 8 Pro will have the same cameras with the exception of an upgraded 48-megapixel ultrawide paired with a 48-megapixel 5x telephoto camera.

In terms of features, the promo video suggests that we can expect new Video Boost, Night Sight, and Audio Eraser features while the Magic Editor will allow people to swap faces on photos should the need arise.

All of this looks set to be confirmed during Google’s 4 October event with the new phones expected to be unveiled alongside other products including the Pixel Watch 2.

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