These Eufy security cams have two lenses and use AI to track people from one camera to another

Eufy’s new cameras are using AI smarts to keep track of people as they move between cameras.


Key Takeaways

  • Eufy Security has launched a new range of security cameras with dual-lenses and an AI-powered people-monitoring feature for enhanced recording capabilities.
  • The new cameras use AI cross-camera tracking to monitor people as they move between cameras, providing a single auto-edited video for the owner’s notification.
  • The lineup includes a wire-free and solar-powered camera, a floodlight camera, an indoor camera with zoom, and a video doorbell with a dedicated second camera for AI detection. Prices start at $129.99 / £129.99.

Eufy Security, the smart home security portion of the Anker brand, has announced a new range of security cameras that make use of not one but two camera lenses, giving them new recording capabilities. But the additional camera is only part of the equation, with Eufy also announcing that it is launching a new AI-powered people-monitoring feature.

The new feature uses AI cross-camera tracking to keep tabs on people even as they move from one camera to another. The result is a single auto-edited video that can be used to notify the camera’s owner of what the subject got up to while they were being recorded.

Eufy’s got its eye(s) on you

Eufy announced all of this via a new press release, confirming that it has a whole new dual-camera lineup that includes four different products, all with a combination of wide-angle and zoom lenses built in.

Eufy floodlight cam


The new lineup includes a doorbell, indoor camera, outdoor floodlight camera, and a wireless solar-powered camera:

  • SoloCam S340 – Wire-free and solar-powered, this device features 3K resolution and a 360-degree AI-assisted pan and tilt camera
  • Floodlight Cam E340 – 3K camera featuring 24/7 hour recording and a 360-degree AI-assisted pan and tilt camera
  • Indoor Cam S350 – 4K and 8X zoom with a 360-degree AI-assisted pan and tilt camera
  • Video Doorbell E340 – 2K camera with color night vision and a dedicated second 1080p camera for AI package and human detection

Eufy doorcam


The real magic is in the AI smarts, though. “Eufy Security’s new dual-camera devices introduce the security industry’s first cross-camera tracking technology powered by AI,” the press release claims before adding that you’ll need the HomeBase 3 to make everything work. That’ll be in charge of merging the clips from multiple cameras into a single one before handing it out as a single notification to the user.

In terms of pricing, the Floodlight Cam E340 will sell for $219.99 / £219.99 while the Indoor Cam S350 will retail for $129.99 / £129.99. Looking to add the SoloCam S340 to your home? That’ll retail for $199.99 / £179.99 and the Video Doorbell E340 rounds things out at $179.99 / £159.99. They’re all on sale right now via Amazon UK and Amazon US and the Eufy websites.

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