These Special Edition Casio G-Shocks are The League of Legends crossovers you didn’t know you needed

Casio has announced two new special edition G-Shock watches based on the popular League of Legends game.


Key Takeaways

  • Casio has announced two new watch models, the GM-B2100LL and GA-110LL, in collaboration with Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends.
  • The GM-B2100LL features Hextech fusion design elements and an aged finish, while the GA-110LL is inspired by the character Jinx with a vivid color scheme.
  • The GA-110LL has a retail price of ¥26,400 JPY ($178), while the GM-B2100LL is priced at ¥137,500 JPY ($927). International availability and pricing have not been confirmed.

The Casio and G-Shock names are never too far away from a big new collaboration in relation to some of the company’s most popular and iconic watches and now it’s announced two new models – the GM-B2100LL and GA-110LL. That might not tell you much, but what if we said that they are both part of a new collaboration with Riot Games? What if we told you that Riot Games is the developer and publisher of League of Legends?

League of Legends is a hugely popular video game and it’s massive in the world of eSports. Now, it’s massive in the world of watches as well with two special models now being sold that are based on the full-metal GM-B2100 with an octagonal bezel and the GA-110 with its familiar three-dimensional dial. These are just the latest in a long line of special edition G-Shock watches including some recently released and extremely colorful ones.

Inspired by game technology and Jinx

Writing in a press release covering the new models, Casio said that the design of the GM-B2100LL – seen above – “features the Hextech fusion of magic and technology from the League of Legends world.” It goes on to add that “the bezel and parts of the band are treated with an aged finish for a time-worn look and feel. Blue touches on the LCD and minute hand represent the color of the Hextech technology.”

While that particular model is a good-looking timepiece, there’s no denying that the GA-110LL is the more striking option.

League of Legends G-Shock


This model is based on the popular Jinx character from League of Legends, with the champion “represented on the bezel and band with a vivid color scheme,” Casio notes. “The band and the indicator hand on the inset dial at the 9 o’clock position recall the rocket that is Jinx’s signature ‘weapon’.”

International pricing and availability for the two new watches haven’t yet been confirmed, unfortunately. But we do know that GA-110LL has a retail price point of ¥26,400 JPY (around $178) while the GM-B2100LL is priced at ¥137,500 JPY (around $927).

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