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Samsung tablets are all about their screens, do your best to protect them with a solid case or cover.

The Galaxy Tab S9 is Samsung’s entry-level tablet, without the ridiculous size or display quality of S9 Ultra, or the dual cameras of the S9 Plus. But that doesn’t mean you’re losing out. The Galaxy Tab S9 has a solidly constructed aluminium body and an IP68 rating, meaning it’s sturdier than most tablets in that $800 and up price range, and way better to use in portrait mode.

Still, that’s no reason to skimp out on a good case. If you’re dropping money on a nice tablet you absolutely should do something to protect your investment. We’ve rounded up some of the best cases for your Galaxy Tab S9 that will protect from drops and even add additional functionality, like keyboards. For all of that and more, check out our collection below.

  • Two tan tablets with cases on, with one of them horizontal with a stylus on the back.

    Spigen / Pocket-lint

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro for Galaxy Tab S9

    Best overall Galaxy Tab S9 case

    Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Pro has a clear back so you can see whichever aluminium finish you chose for your Tab S9, and a front cover that can be folded into a stand to prop your tablet up in two different ways. If you opted to by an S Pen, it also has two different slots to put the stylus when you’re not using it.

  • A tablet in a case with a kickstand on the left and keyboard and trackpad on the right.

    Samsung / Pocket-lint

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Book Cover Keyboard

    Best premium Galaxy Tab S9 case

    The Galaxy Tab S9 Book Cover Keyboard is great when you’re using DeX for a more “desktop” software environment or when you simply need to do some long form writing in a productivity app. The case comes in two pieces, a front cover that has a built-in keyboard and trackpad, and a back cover that has a kickstand. Both magnetically attach and can accommodate your S Pen too.

  • Two tablets in a case with hibiscus flowers on the outside, with one of the horizontal.

    Fintie / Pocket-lint

    Fintie Slim Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

    Best value Galaxy Tab S9 case

    $15 $18 Save $3

    The Fintie Slim Case comes in several different patterns (“Blooming Hibiscus” option is the most fun) and has a tri-fold front cover that can act as a stand and will auto sleep and wake the Tab S9 when you open and close it. It’s otherwise a standard case, mainly good at protecting the tablet from scratches and bumps, but that’s really all you need if you’re careful.

  • The back of a tablet in a rugged case with a handle stand, camera, and stylus visible.

    Samsung / Pocket-lint

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Outdoor Cover

    A rugged option

    If you plan on taking the tablet outdoors, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Outdoor Cover has a kickstand that acts as both handle and hook. A strong, rigid back, padded corners to protect from drops, and what Samsung claims is “military-grade toughness.” If you’re taking your tablet camping, or just want to protect it from your kids, the Outdoor Cover should do the trick.

  • Three tablets, one horizontal, in cases made from faux leather and denim.

    ZtotopCases / Pocket-lint

    ZtotopCases Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Leather Case

    Better than leather

    $21 $26 Save $5

    The ZtotopCases Leather Case uses a combination of PU leather and denim to protect your Galaxy Tab S9 and comes with front pockets for paper and cards, giving the whole case a business-y quality. It can be folded into an adjustable stand if you need to prop your tablet up to watch something, has a slot for a stylus, and can auto sleep and wake your tablet when you open and close it, as well.

  • Two tablets in a flexible clear case that's bending off the back of the tablet.

    Zeking / Pocket-lint

    Zeking Designed for Galaxy Tab S9 Case

    A simple clear case

    Zeking’s Designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Case keeps things simple. It’s a clear case, flexible enough to slip on and off easily, and has raised edges and padded corners to protect the display and body of your tablet if you accidentally drop it. No more and no less at a very wallet friendly price.

  • A horizontal tablet in a case with a backlit keyboard.

    Roofei / Pocket-lint

    Roofei Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

    A cheaper keyboard case

    Let’s say you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a Samsung keyboard case. The Roofei Keyboard Case should do the trick. It has to connect over Bluetooth, but it’s backlit, entirely removable, waterproof, and wraps around your entire tablet for basic protection when you’re not typing up your next masterpiece.

  • Two tablets in black plastic cases with a hand strap on the back.

    Supfives / Pocket-lint

    Supfives Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

    A case for one-handed use

    For extra protection and easy one-handed use, the Supfives Case has you covered. The liquid silicone and polycarbonate case has “military drop test certification” up to 7 m / 25 ft, a hand strap and rotating stand, and an optional shoulder strap. If you use your Galaxy Tab S9 for work out in the field, this is the best way to keep it safe and extremely usable.

Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 cases: It’s time to cover up

Adding a case to your Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is about more than preventing scratches. With the right case, you can squeeze even more usefulness out of your tablet. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro strikes the right balance overall. It doesn’t add too much unneeded bulk to the S9, but does protect it from damage while adding a stand to make it easier to prop up. Plus it celebrates the actual design of your Tab S9 with a clear back, a nice touch that’s not necessary, but welcome.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Book Cover Keyboard doesn’t come cheap, but goes a long way to make the tablet even more flexible by adding a keyboard, trackpad, and kickstand in one surprisingly slim and easily removable two-part case. If you plan on using your Tab S9 as a tool for getting work done, it’s hard to not recommend Samsung’s keyboard case.

If like most reasonable people, you’re not made of money, the Fintie Slim Case for Galaxy Tab S9 should cover all the basics for less than $20, and look good doing it. The case itself doesn’t go overboard with extra padding or functionality, but protects the screen and is folded into a stand when you really need it, which is what matters.

Do you need a keyboard and trackpad case?

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 is designed with touch inputs in mind just like every other touchscreen tablet. That being said, Samsung DeX is a great way to make your tablet even more useful and works well with a keyboard and mouse. With DeX Mode enabled from the Quick Settings panel, the Galaxy Tab S9 switches into a windowed, desktop environment that plays nice with external display, and lets you manipulate multiple apps at once on the same screen. It’s like turning your Galaxy Tab S9 into a laptop, whether you have the keyboard and trackpad to go with it or not.

Should my Galaxy Tab S9 case be waterproof?

In our search, we didn’t find the perfect waterproof Tab S9 case, but thankfully tweaks Samsung made to the Galaxy Tab S9 in comparison to the Tab S8 already make it a lot more safe around water. The Galaxy Tab S9’s IP68 rating makes the tablet dust resistant and specifically water-resistant “up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes” which should really be enough to cover most accidental dunks. It’s also notably better than the iPad Pro, which has no claimed IP rating from Apple.

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