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Robot vacuums have come a long way, from zigzagging randomly across rooms and dying out under furniture, to mapping out entire houses and self-cleaning. For the ultimate robot cleaner with all the cutting-edge conveniences that you would expect in 2023, check out the Yeedi Cube. This all-in-one hybrid robot vacuum can mop, self-empty, self-clean, and self-dry.

Once you set up this self-sufficient workhorse, your floors will be sparkling and your carpets will stay clean without lifting a finger.

To sweeten the deal, Yeedi is offering a surprise discount on its Yeedi Cube. Between 20 September to 27 September 2023, you can get $100 off, taking the price down from $699.99 to $599.99.

High-powered efficient cleaning

yeedi cube omni station

The 4,300Pa high-efficiency suction is paired with a rubber-and-bristles beater brush that deep cleans your carpet and your floors without scratching them. Durable dual-edge brushes extend just beyond the vacuum’s edge to sweep up dust from corners, relying on their elastic-structure design to catch every crumb.

When the Yeedi Cube is in vacuuming mode, the mop automatically lifts 8mm to provide proper clearance, letting the vacuum do its job without getting your floors or carpets damp in the process.

When it’s time to mop, the mopping pad descends, using its shovel-shaped fibres to scrub your floors for a thorough, streak-free finish. The Yeedi Cube’s sonic mopping technology delivers 2,500 vibrations per minute, loosening stuck-on grime and making quick work of stubborn stains. Most comparable hybrid robot vacuums only have a 200ml capacity water tank, whereas the Yeedi Cube has a 1L tank – five times the average size – for a longer-lasting cleaning experience. The transparent water tank makes it easy to see when you need to refill without detaching it from the device.

Compact and convenient pick-and-place cleaning

yeedi cube handle

The lightweight Yeedi Cube has a convenient handle on top, making it easy to bring up and down the stairs and around the house for different cleaning jobs. For spills, accidents, and one-off messes, all it takes is one hand to grab your Yeedi Cube and perform a quick spot clean. To ensure the best clean for one-time messes, the Yeedi Cube will perform a double pass of a 1.5 x 1.5m square.

When mopping, it will dispense a larger quantity of water to soften sticky areas on the first round, coming back again for a second round with less water, fully removing any residue and leaving perfectly clean floors.

If you live in a condo or smaller space, you’ll know the challenges of finding a discrete spot for a robot vacuum docking station without making it a distracting feature in the room. The Yeedi Cube’s compact Omni Station is just 37.5cm tall and 40cm wide, making it the smallest on the market. When it’s tucked against a wall, it practically blends into its surroundings.

Hands-free cleaning

yeedi cube kitchen floor

The Yeedi Cube’s Omni Station is loaded with self-service features that take the pressure off you when it comes to constantly cleaning and emptying your robot vacuum. It has a running time of 150 minutes, always returning to recharge before it loses battery power. Once docked, the Yeedi Cube self-empties its dust bin, trapping dirt and debris in the 2.1L dust bag so that you don’t need to empty the station for up to 60 days.

When the Yeedi Cube arrives back after a mopping session, the Omni Station gets busy cleaning the mopping pad with its built-in electric scrubber. From there, it self-empties the dirty water and dries the mopping pad using 40C hot air to prevent the breeding of undesirable odours and mould.

It’s easy to forget that the hardworking Yeedi Cube is keeping your house clean when you arrive home every day to spotless floors without the hassle of emptying a dust bin or cleaning a dirty mop head.

Customized cleaning process

yeedi cube mapping wooden floor


Pet owners don’t need to worry about the Yeedi Cube driving through unfortunate messes left by cats and dogs. The advanced visual and laser fusion navigation has intelligent obstacle avoidance so that anything left lying on the floor – or deposited there while you’re out – won’t get trapped in the Yeedi Cube or tracked around the house.

Similarly, the Yeedi Cube’s sensors can detect drop-offs and edges so that you’ll never find it stuck, teetering at the top of a stairwell or trying to escape out an open door.

By scanning your Yeedi Cube’s QR code during setup, you have instant access to full control in the app. Within the app you can map out the layout of your entire space, choosing to merge or divide rooms however you see fit. From there, you can choose cleaning sequences and create a schedule based on your specific needs.

The customization and versatility in the app is amazing, letting you adjust cleaning settings like quiet mode, normal, and max, or more advanced options. You can choose carpet-avoidance mode, so your Yeedi Cube will stick to hard floors only and will never accidentally mop your rugs. Or maybe you want auto-boost suction when your pet is shedding like crazy.

The options are endless and they can all be changed with just a few taps from your smartphone. If you have Google Home, Alexa, or Siri, your Yeedi Cube will be compatible with them all.

Get your Yeedi Cube today and let the robot vacuum do your dirty work. And remember, until 27 September 2023, you can get $100 off the Yeedi Cube.

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