Twitter down: access denied and thousands unable to connect.

admin- December 31, 2022

Reports from around the world have been collected from various platforms recording inefficiencies. The malfunctions reportedly began around 1:30 a.m. (Italian time) and continued for ... Read More

Facebook refuses to censor Fake News posts signed by politicians

admin- April 1, 2023

Facebook has been struggling for years with misinformation and all of the posts that may fall into the Fake News category, with content appearing during ... Read More

$1 Million From Apple For Reporting Critical Security Issues In Company Products

admin- April 1, 2023

Participating in the 2019 Black Hat security conference held in Las Vegas, Apple announced probably the biggest cash reward for reporting a security issue in ... Read More

What are the most used Portable Satellite TV Equipment

admin- February 7, 2023

Winegard Pathway X2 PA6002R Satellite TV Antenna and DISH Wally Receiver Bundle (Dual Arc, 2 TV Viewing) Style:Satellite TV Antenna and receiver Designed exclusively for ... Read More

The “life-changing” phone spacebar trick has gone viral on the internet.

admin- January 15, 2023

The majority of developments in smartphone technology are astounding.In order to rectify an error in a text message, you must shift the pointer elsewhere.You should ... Read More

The most powerful mobile phones to be launched in 2023

admin- January 15, 2023

T The plans of mobile brands will begin to be implemented in 2023, and launches will shortly be relaunched after being put on hold.What are ... Read More

Xbox Series X consoles are currently available on Amazon UK 2023

admin- January 15, 2023

Xbox Series X consoles are currently available for purchase on Amazon UK. At the time of publication, the console was in stock and available with ... Read More

The Xbox Live Games with Gold titles for January have been revealed in advance.

admin- January 15, 2023

The Xbox Live Games with Gold titles for January 2022 seem to have been revealed before Microsoft's official announcement. The games were apparently confirmed once ... Read More