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Facebook refuses to censor Fake News posts signed by politicians

admin- April 1, 2023

Facebook has been struggling for years with misinformation and all of the posts that may fall into the Fake News category, with content appearing during ... Read More

$1 Million From Apple For Reporting Critical Security Issues In Company Products

admin- April 1, 2023

Participating in the 2019 Black Hat security conference held in Las Vegas, Apple announced probably the biggest cash reward for reporting a security issue in ... Read More

How much money can I earn with ClipClaps? Reviews, how it works, downloads, tips

admin- January 5, 2023

ClipClaps is a mobile device application that allows you to earn, through funny videos or by participating in mini games. It's a case of better ... Read More

The big news iPhone 14 has arrived in Europe

admin- January 2, 2023

Until now, Emergency SOS was only available in the US and Canada. Apple has announced that one of the great new features of the iPhone ... Read More

Apple in 2023: Predictions, rumors, and our hopes for the upcoming year

admin- December 30, 2022

Apple had a jam-packed year in 2022. We received a redesigned MacBook Air M2, an iPad Air 5 with M1 chip, a rugged Apple Watch ... Read More