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The most powerful mobile phones to be launched in 2023

admin- January 15, 2023

T The plans of mobile brands will begin to be implemented in 2023, and launches will shortly be relaunched after being put on hold.What are ... Read More

As of January 1, the WhatsApp application will no longer be available on some phone models. Full list

admin- December 30, 2022

As previously mentioned, WhatsApp will no longer be compatible with different phone kinds. Therefore, as of January 1, users of around 49 phone models introduced ... Read More

Apple in 2023: Predictions, rumors, and our hopes for the upcoming year

admin- December 30, 2022

Apple had a jam-packed year in 2022. We received a redesigned MacBook Air M2, an iPad Air 5 with M1 chip, a rugged Apple Watch ... Read More